ShadowSea Expedition Log Update

The ShadowSea blog has posted a new Expedition Log entry.

From their website:

” The captain spotted the enemy first, humanoid figures on the opposite side of the falls, blocked by the rock wall on the northeastern side. These did not appear to be lizard-men, and our hopes were raised that we had discovered a lost human tribe. They were quickly dashed as more of the beings came into view, shambling and loping with an animal gait, and growling horribly. They began leaping across the boulders in the river, passing around the towering rock wall as we landed the first boat on the shore and I jumped off into the shallows. The second boat was nearby when I felt a strong wave splash my legs, odd considering the river’s sluggish current. I turned back to the boat to witness a gigantic mouth filled with dagger teeth crunching down onto one of the soldiers and overturning the second boat. The enormous creature, crocodilian yet with flippers, submerged again, dragging our poor ally into the murky depths.”
The ShadowSea blog has an excerpt from an expedition log, describing the a battle to capture an ancient artifact from a lost temple. The log includes a map of the resulting skirmish and victory conditions.