• joshuar56

    Just say NO to that greedy company… also, incoming fanboys…

    • Have to say I am liking what they are doing on this KS and plan to play using my WWX miniatures. I like the idea of a campaign system and making your own cards up too! Genius 😀

      Not really sure what you are referring to Josh, sorry. 🙁

      • joshuar56

        I’m referring to their shady mine card pledge levels. Charging some people $150 more than others.

  • I don’t really see it that way I am afraid Josh. It is there for all to see, so I do not consider it shady tbh. I am currently at the expensive Mine Cart level but I will probably drop to the Outlaw level and add as many tiles and card add-ons as possible.

    I see what you you mean on charging others more for the same package, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the huge amounts they have achieved in this. Also it’s just a very good Early Bird offer imho, albeit an awesome one for the people that got behind and helped this game grow. Just wish I had one of them, hehe.

    • joshuar56

      There’s no reason other than greed, to force backers to spend that extra $75. They should be charging $400 for minecart at most. Not $475 and then giving people a $75 credit.

      • Gallahad

        I can’t wait until Joshuar56 runs his own kickstarter, there will be some really great deals to be had. 😉

        I don’t really care if they are greedy. Businesses try to maximize their profits, and consumers try to pay as little as possible for what they want. if the two don’t intersect somewhere that you are happy with, don’t but it! If you are unhappy with the Minecart pledge level, don’t buy it! Spend your money on some company you deem “ungreedy” and you can avoid stomping around internet forums pouting like a child and hurling epithets.

        Even though it contains two of my favorite things (cowboys and cthulhu), it isn’t something I’ll be pledging for this time around, so I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but I hope I won’t have to hear from joshuar56 everytime the campaign is mentioned.

  • The thing is Josh, no one is being forced to do anything. It is for those that want to invest to decide mate. There are 544 people that have invested in the $475 Mine cart, so it can’t be that bad a deal. Just be happy for those that backed early that now have spare money to pledge on something else. You never know, they could be helping another project you are in, thereby assisting you to get other goodies in that KS too. 🙂

  • PanzerKraken

    Just don’t pledge for minecart level. People are willing to do so, then power to them . Lot of suckers on kickstarter who have no willpower to resist the “everything pledge”, but that is their problem.

    The Outlaw level pledge is a good deal so far

  • Agreed PK, I just pledged for the Mine Cart as I saw the price climbing and thought it might go higher. I will probably go for the Outlaw as it is actually cheaper if you don’t want the extra duplicate models and just want all the add-ons. 🙂

  • Paconious

    Would it have been better if they had the initial mine cart level and then once that was sold out, no more? Early bird deals in general are kinda suck because if you don’t know a kickstarter is happening long before they start, you are most likely not getting in on them. That said, are people saving money with that pledge level? Yes? Then it is still a deal.

    • joshuar56

      Yes, because those are the only two options right?

      • Paconious

        Not saying that at all. I am asking you. gauging your opinion to get a better frame of reference. Would that be preferential to you?

        You can call it greed, but they are still a small company and still need to make money. So many kickstarters undercost their products to the point where they can’t deliver (The Doom That Came to Atlantic City comes to mind). and its not as if they just jumped from the first early bird cost to the current one. This is their 7th round at $25 increments each.

  • Veritas

    Unless you got lucky and managed to get one of the early minecart levels it doesn’t seem worth it. The Outlaw level on the other hand looks like an excellent deal and then if you want one or two extras just add them on.