• Soulfinger

    Great models, interesting pairing.

    • You mean it could have been the generic anime girl, but instead it’s what looks like a drunk Mexican sharing a slurpy with the love interest while shooting at something threatening. I like it too.

      Will any of these be available without picking up the game?

      • Wait, I thought he had a tail as well?

      • Dahak

        Some of them should.

        The Nun and the female bandit are among the alternative sex sculpts [For the priest and bandit ] and I think those are being sold separately.

        Many of the Kickstarter pledges got a second set of the figures in the base sets added so I suspect some of those will be available.

        The Jargono Tribes people, the Prospector and The character with the thermos are all expansion characters and will probably be available with their alternative sex versions without having to get the entire game.

        The Void Hound and the Lavaman likewise. All the other monsters are in the two base game boxes [assuming that is a void spider in the background of the Void Hound closeup and not a Targa Custodian.]. The tentacles are in both base games.

        Of course since the pledge manager hasn’t opened yet if you can find someone who’s pledged they can probably add copies of the Human figures, when it does.