Seventy and Sevenfold Now Available for Contagion Second Edition

Aegis Studios has released their Seventy and Sevenfold supplement story for Contagion Second Edition.

Seventy and Sevenfold


From the release:

Seventy and Sevenfold can serve as an introductory story for Contagion Second Edition. Certain elements of the setting are explored and expanded upon in this story seed, including a deeper examination of life on the bad side of the big city in the world of Contagion. Due to the nature of the events in Seventy and Sevenfold, characters from virtually any background or faction could easily be caught up in the action. The materials presented in Seventy and Sevenfold are designed with starting characters in mind, but with a few numerical tweaks from the Gamemaster, the antagonists could be scaled up or down in power to adequately challenge characters of any experience level.

Seventy and Sevenfold includes:
Detailed information about Westmore, the worst neighborhood in any city.
4 new NPC sheets, including the statistics for Elise, a Golem on a quest for vengeance.
Information on a new street gang: the South West Crew.