Settlers of Catan Tile Sets

Naloomi’s Workshop have released a series of resin tiles for use with the Settlers of Catan series of games.

Catan tiles

From their website:

We are now proud to announce that we have released & started to take pre-orders for our latest release, 5 sets of Settlers of Catan tiles, through our online store. Each set contains the tiles that would be used to play the various Settlers of Catan games or scenarios. Orders for this product will begin shipping about March 1st, 2011.

  • scarletsquig

    While I’d really like a replacement set so I can finally ditch the annoying card tiles that don’t fit very well, with roads falling into gaps all the time… this set just isn’t high-quality enough for me to want to buy it.

    The waves on the sea tiles are quite nice, but the land tiles just look like some sort of blob on a hex piece. Sculpted fields and mountain ranges would have been nicer, like the mighty empires tiles.