• Killraven

    It looks like a very poorly done rat.

  • Argate


  • Tamwulf

    Looks like something I could pick up at the Hobby Lobby toy dinosaur section. :/ For the amount Forge World is asking, I think I’d do exactly that- visit Hobby Lobby and repaint/add some Lizardman Glyphs to it.

  • darkendlight

    I will have to agree it has a kind of rat hunched over pose to it.

  • mathieu

    I suspect the pose is due to their wanting to release a mounted version later on. Like they did for the Skaven Brood Horror.

  • I still maintain that I want one, even with the sour reception it seems to be getting here in the comments.

    • BaconSlayer

      QQ, sad foodstamp gamers.

      • Well, “want one” and “am going to get one” are two drastically different things. I doubt I’d ever end up with one.

      • KelRiever

        QQ 133 british pounds isn’t about food stamps, unless you are ignorant


        • jedijon

          QQ – I think they meant “other/fellow replyees”. I’d say it’s ironic. But it’s not.

      • Killraven

        I’m not really sure what that means…. but I think it’s more of a bad statement about you.

  • -DE-

    The Games Workshop Hobby isn’t for peasants, it’s for the finest oil sheiks in the world.

    • KelRiever

      Or apparently people who like to condescend on others. It is kind of funny how the reducing fan base seems to be made of the same character of the current direction of the company…