Sergeants Miniatures Game from Lost Battalion Games offers “Red Devils” Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 1st, 2013

Sergeants Miniatures Game has started up the Kickstarter for their Red Devils Expansion.

From the campaign:

Red Devils is the next major story in the acclaimed Sergeants Miniatures Game, building on Day of Days and its expansions which follow the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne. Kick Starter will let us meet the diverse art needs of Red Devils and introduce a new storyline to the players of Sergeants Miniatures Game. Please help us put more of everything into Red Devils.

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  • luckyb0y

    Wow is this game expensive or what? $100 for ten minis? Not even GW can pull that off (unless you’re in Oz). Ps filters and pastel graphic design just scream quality.

    • luckyb0y

      Quality graphic design that is.

      • grimbergen

        Yeah… and quality components also. The cards, while laminated, are basically paper thin and droop over unlike any game card I’ve played with. The box is a simple white kraft box with a slipcover. And the manual…

        Granted this is a small company, but I’ve seen much better from similar size shops.

        the main saving grace is that supposedly it is 100% made in the US, so I guess that accounts for the high price. But I would rather they found other ways to add more value to the game by increasing the price just a little with things that don’t cost much (i.e. adding more cards, scenarios, etc).

        • grimbergen

          oh yeah another warning — the artwork on geomorphic map tiles don’t line up properly when assembled.

  • kduke42

    Grim, when did you actually see the product?

    They stopped using the slipcover box months ago and no one else has ever said the cards “droop.”

    If you would care to examine the Red Devils offer, you will find there is considerable extra value going into the box now.