Sentinel Games previews the Glorons for Total Extinction

Sentinel Games has posted up preview renders of their first army for Total Extinction, the Glorons.

From the preview:

In Sentinel Games we have almost finished the first army for Total Extinction: the Glorlons.

Eons ago the Glorlons realized that his destiny was to colonize the universe. They created spacecrafts capable of traversing space and expanded beyond imagination. But in its expansion saw they were not alone, other species inhabiting the worlds intended for them. The only solution was to exterminate that species. All of them. So, one after another, the Glorlons beat all other races, annhilated every last one of its members. The Glorlons did not want that in the future nobody could dispute what they had earned.

Then they discovered to mankind. As they always did, they rushed to take their worlds, but unlike other races who had been defeated easily, humans face planted. The men were divided into deadly feuds nations but that division had made them strong in war and responded with the same ferocity that Glorlons reserved for his enemies. Now they also fight for their survival.

In the images (from left to right): Biotank, Bioartillery, Genocider, Soldier, Commanders (2) and Raider.

  • NightFallArts

    I love the sculpts but the English translation is horrible. Definitely need an editor prior to posting.

    • Grim6

      I hope that “humans face planted” is a hint at a planned game mechanic. Maybe a human army bonus…

      • Sentinel

        We are very sorry for the horrible translation. It was a draft that we did not check before sending it to you. It is our mistake and we promise that it won’t happen again.

  • All our base belong to Glorlons.

  • Haibane

    Look cool, but Glorons? Really?

    • Glorlons. Because that little “L” makes all the difference.

  • Haibane

    …sounds pretty gloronic to me 😉

  • Sentinel

    If you want to know more of how Glorlons were created:

  • I’m liking the look of these guys, suitably sci-fi without the fantasy cross-over. My only reservation at the moment is whether or not they are a bit too busy in the design; I know its hard to tell with renders so I’m looking forward to seeing some painted examples.