• I must say I am tempted by this game. The minis & concept artwork are very cool and so far (not quite finished reading yet) the rules look good too.

  • madzerker

    Me too. The vehicles are awesome (all the tanks, and the concept art for the space hind and apc are great!)
    Love the aliens too

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, I think I’m finally diving into this one since I’m not doing AVP. I need a sci fi wargame, and I like that this one has a very slight AT:43 feel to it.

  • Necroloid

    I just wish there were more than 2 factions.

  • Space Ghost

    Sentinel has 4 more factions planned. They were to be stretch goals (which I doubt will happen – the game is creeping towards getting funded), but the concepts are there for future releases.

  • The Elohim are my favourite, shame they get no love yet. Still the minis in the starter box do look cool and its just a couple of weeks till my birthday…