Senji Studios Posts a Review of Grass Tech Flocking Applicator

Senji Studios posts a review of the Grass Tech Flocking Applicator:


From their website:

The Grass Tech works by creating an electrostatic field which charges the poly fibre static grass enabling it to stand up.

  • Soulfinger

    A tad expensive, and certainly less colorful, alternative to using a balloon.

  • General Hobbs

    Dab some super glue. Dip into flock. Blow. Done.

    • Dewbakuk

      That would in fact be the first paragraph of the review, if you’d read it you’d know this is for doing things like enitire gaming boards where that process doesn’t work.

      I’ve never tried a balloon though, which might work…

  • Dewbakuk

    A useful thing when reviewing these things would be the price of the item.

  • It’s definitely pricey, but if you are a professional terrain maker, and do professional commissions, this item might be for you. In addition, it’s stated in the review it’s pricey. Don’t knock the review for the price of the item reviewed. Also, it’s not uncommon to find the price left out of more pricey items in a review.

    It was a good review and led me to looking at similar type items. In fact, I found an alternative that is in my price range thanks to this review as well as how it will help me in my terrain making.

    • I guess no one was complaining, I just read it as such. Sorry about that.

    • Soulfinger

      Agreed. In all sincerity, reading the review is what led me to look into using a balloon as a viable “electrostatic field” generator, which is much more my price range.

  • bloodsbane

    It’s crazy easy to make your own, for something like $12. It’s difficult to make out in the pictures in the review, but using one of these when covering a large area with grass makes a huge difference. If you google static grass applicator you should find both relevant youtube videos and guides to making your own from a flyswatter and a sieve.

    • Soulfinger

      Plus, you get to shout “For the Emperor!” each time you kill a fly with your Power Swatter.

      • cama

        Only if you carve an aquila on the flyswatter.

    • luckyb0y

      Exactly. Even If you have no clue about soldering it is easy.

      Buy an electric fly swatter. Can be had for $1-5 (don’t ever pay more than 5) depending where you get it.
      Get rid of the “tennis racket” part.
      Solder one wire to tea strainer (preferably plastic frame and metal mesh)
      Solder the other wire to crocodile clip.

      Total cost ~ $10 if you have access to soldering iron

      If you can’t do it yourself (which I doubt – miniature hobbyist have rather good manual skills) buy one on ebay. You can find it for about $20. Don’t pay 40 bucks for it.

    • luckyb0y

      Forgot one thing – Having a container with wire mesh bottom and lid at the top works much better than a tea strainer. You’ll only get grass where you want it, not all over the place. Useful if you work in your room and don’t want to vacuum each time you do it.

  • Sephiroth

    Years ago I trusted a presentation on TGN with a grass-applicator. It was just about 30 bucks. But it turned out this one was a betrayer. So I had a lot of worse. After two mails the seller didn’t answer. A few days later the website was gone. PayPal wont not refund back, because there was no money on the sellers account. I had to argue with PayPal. Buyers protection is nothing worth only if you buy over ebay. So after 6 weeks no money back. I contacted my creditcard and got the money back from them.
    The best was. I fond this applicator on ebay too. The seller had 200+ good feedback but the last were bad.

    • Sorry, how is this post relevant? Does your unfortunate situation have anything to do with this retailer or this product?

    • cama

      This post makes absolutely no sense. I had a lot of worse, too. LOL.

    • I was also burnt. You are not alone.