Secret Weapon release Instant Theme Kit: Trench Works

nstant Theme Kit: Trench WorksSecret Weapon Miniatures have released the Instant Theme Kit: Trench Works for creating terrain and dioramas.

From their website:

Today I am unveiling the first “Instant Theme Kit” – which includes everything you need to create trench warfare themed bases, dioramas or terrain!

The “Instant Theme Kit: Trench Works” features 1:48 scale wood duckboards – 24 pieces of 2″ long, 1/8″ wide and 1/16″ thick real wood strips! – and a small frame of our very popular, and easy to use, brass etch razor wire!

As good as real wood duck boards and an $8.00 frame of brass razor wire are though the kit also includes a bottle of “Realistic Water,” fine ballast and an ample helping of “burnt” static grass. You’ll be able to create wet, muddy, blasted trenches without the need for paint!