Secret Weapon release beveled edge bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have released the first in a series of beveled edge bases.

beveled edge bases

From their website:

I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow for the big anniversary announcement: Secret Weapon Miniatures is launching a line of beveled edge bases.

First up is the “Trench Works” series – including all new 25mm and 40mm sculpts and re-mastered versions of both existing 60mm sculpts.

Check them out at the Secret Weapon store.

The “Flagstone” theme will be going into molds later this week with all new sculpts.

The “Urban Streets” line will launch in mid-October with re-mastered 25mm bases, taken from Michael Hammett’s incredible “25mm Urban Streets 02” set, and all new 40mm, 60mm AND 90x120mm bases, all from Michael Hammett.

Not to leave out those of you that have been patiently waiting for more round-lip releases the “Flagstone” series will be available in round-lip bases in mid-October as well.

If you received an anniversary coupon you can use it today. All of the anniversary coupons have been activated a day early – because I know my friends and customers in Australia aren’t going to want to wait.

Head over to the Secret Weapon store to see the new products. All of the pictures for the pressure cast resin bases have had base shape/style icons added to them. The categories have also been changed to reflect each of the styles.