Secret Weapon Miniatures to attend Adepticon

Secret Weapon Miniatures will be at Adepticon and will be handing out goodies!

Be there or be square!

Secret Weapon is very happy to announce that this year we will be one of the on-site sponsors for Adepticon. The first 1,500 people through the doors will find one of the Secret Weapon Washes and a resin base in their swag bag. We are also sponsoring some of the individual events and are one of the main sponsors of the Crystal Brush painting competition — featuring a $10,000 cash prize for Best of Show!

But wait, there’s more!

Secret Weapon founder Justin “misterjustin” McCoy will also be teaching two hobby seminars on weathering with pigments!

  • Thanks for the plug – our first year at Adepticon is going to be HUGE!

    We’re giving away more than $6,000 in goodies — as well as offering gift vouchers to anyone wearing a Secret Weapon t-shirt that gets their photo taken with me. There are event exclusive coupons for our web store — and Cool Mini Or Not will be selling SWM products at the event.

    Add in the two classes I’m teaching (Saturday night and Sunday morning) and I might just explode from all of the awesome!

  • Nice! Have a great time.

    I’m a definite fan of the Rapid Assault Vehicle.