Secret Weapon Miniatures Haiku contest winners

And we have a Winner!
Well, actually a couple.

Due to the great responses we got to our Secret Weapon Miniatures Haiku contest, misterjustin expanded the prize pool to one $50 winner and two $25 runners-up. The judging is over and the winners are:

In first place: Quirkworthy!

Runners up are: Soulfinger and Fuzzguy!

E-mails have been sent out to the winners (be sure to check your inboxes!)

Our thanks again to misterjustin from Secret Weapon Miniatures for the contest.

Next week we’ll have more Forge World giveaways. I’ve got a Space Marine and a Skinwalker still on my desk to hand out. So keep checking back for those.

  • fuzzyguy

    I’m a runner up?!?
    Many other excellent haikus!
    Thanks Secret Weapon!

  • Soulfinger

    Congratulations Quirkworthy and Fuzzyguy. Quirkworthy’s entries were certainly the truest to form with the most evocative imagery. Definitely a well deserved victory! Great jobs both in a contest with lots of excellent entries!

    Also, thank you Polar Bear and Secret Weapon Miniatures for the runners-up prize. Very much appreciated!

    • Thanks Soulfinger, and thanks Secret weapon!

      That was a very pleasant surprise in the morning (e)mail 🙂

  • Ballentyne

    Was quite an interesting competition 🙂