Secret Weapon Miniatures 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle PRE-ORDER

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Dec 7th, 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures has announced the launch of their 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle kit:

From their announcement:

This 28mm kit is compatible with most 1:48 – 1:35 terrain, models and accessories. The finished kit measures 5″ long (127mm) 3.25″ wide (80mm) and 2.5″ (60mm) to the top of the turret.

One complete multi-part combination resin and metal kit that includes seven turret weapons and two hull weapons:

Hull Machine Gun
Hull Flamethrower
Turret Autocannons
Turret Multi-Laser
Turret Plasma Cannon
Turret Flame Cannon
Turret Heavy Support Cannon
Turret Machine Guns
Turret High Velocity Cannon

NOTE: this is a pre-order sale with an anticipated ship date of Monday 2-January, 2012.

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  • redbranch

    Finally! I have been eagerly awaiting this release.

  • Heh, you and me both πŸ˜‰

  • Is there any chance of getting an alternate turrets including:
    Air to Air missile battery
    Non-lethal watercanon/riot-squad type thing

    • oh and/or a spotlight by itself or attached to any of those…

      • Absolutely! A couple of those have already been considered — but I ned to see how the kit does as-is before I start adding to it. There’s also a mine plow, stowage, cupola support gun (you might remember from early renderings) and more.

        But first… this one.

        So get each of your friends to buy 3 and you can pretty much guarantee new additions πŸ˜‰

  • Repeter

    Awesome to see Secret Weapon delivering on this. Can’t wait!!

    • Thanks – and hopefully this is just the first of many!

      • Repeter

        My local store has been carrying your bases and I have bought a few sets. In fact, I am painting some trench 30mils on a Malifaux crew tonight. I’ve been extremely pleased with your casts–you guys seem to capture just the right amount of detail. If these bases are any indication of how good the 6×6 is going to be, color me psyched! And more broke. Woo hoo!!

        • Wow, that’s an incredible compliment – thank you very much!

  • This kit looks AMAZING!

    But I’m confused about the scaling? It says it is 1/35-1/48? Does that mean it’s much larger than 28mm figures which are 1/56?

    • Thanks – I’m really happy with how this turned out and how much of the detail we were able to capture.

      As for the scale… here goes πŸ™‚

      It’s a 28mm kit — but that makes it 1:48 where 1.5 inches = 6 feet. Your average Space Marine at “28mm Heroic” is a touch larger than 28mm or 1.5 inches tall.

      1.5 * 48 = 72

      It’s also 2.083% of true scale. HA! Too much information posted next to my desk.

      Wow, someone needs to update Wikipedia and move GW off of 1:73.125 because that’s just not right either!

  • scarletsquig

    Great kit, will be getting 4 of these when Mantic releases their Corporation army, it’s great to have a vehicle model that works for a “sci-fi” themed army as opposed to “sci-fi-gothic”. Also, the weapon options included match up almost 100% with the Corporation army list (only missing option is a missile turret), so all those extra weapon options really helped.

    If it sells, an APC version is likely to be a pretty good bet, along with a heavy tracked tank with sponson options… looking at the current weapons, they all look like they would also work well mounted vertically in a sponson, so using the same “plug” system across the whole range would definitely cut down on some of the workload, and also allow you you to release upgrade sets of new metal guns that work with everything.

    Best of luck with this!

    • It’s almost like you read my mind πŸ˜‰

      There are other options, and other turrets, being considered for this one. If the model is profitable in short order the APC and a couple of other surprise vehicles will certainly hit the market too.

  • oninotaki

    I cannot wait to purchase a bunch of these to be used with the new defiance games marines also coming out in January in battles against wargames factories great coat troopers with squid heads, backed up by dreamforge games new stormstoopers coming out in January also. So yeah January is gonna be an awesome but expensive month!

    Do you guys know how the 6×6 assault vehicle compares to old crows 25mm line?

    • Are they going to be fighting the Micropanzer Russian Heavy Combat Armor backed by the Gears and Guts walkers?

      • Oops, I misread.. you’ve already got their opponents sorted.. though you could always do a 3-way battle πŸ˜›

        • oninotaki

          Actually I have the Dust tactics German walkers as armored support for the great coat troopers instead of the Gears and Guts walkers, and the micropanzer stuff just never seems to make it into the budget πŸ˜›

          The last 5 years or so have just been fantastic for 3rd party non-gw product and I have been loving it, but this 6×6 rapid assault vehicle just takes the cake. I cannot wait to see how it matches up to the old crow and Antenociti’s Workshop vehicles that I have.