Sea Dog updates Sailpower:Cogs of Valor rules

Sea Dog Game Studios have updated their free Sailpower:Cogs of Valor rules.


From their announcement:

Hi all.

I just wanted to take a minute to mention that we have posted updated free rules for Sailpower:Cogs of Valor.

Sailpower: Cogs of Valor is a fast paced game that is more simple then the regular Sailpower game, yet with it’s own uniqueness. The rule set is an elegant 6 pages, and the game play leans a bit towards the lighthearted.

For those who have asked . . . Yes we do sculpt the cogs that are pictured. The 15MM large scale cog kit is available for $50, from The Soldiery, 4256 N High St., Columbus, OH 43214 Phone 614-267-1957

A smaller 15MM cog is coming still, as will a two mast hulk eventually.