Scibor previews new dwarf green from a new sculptor

Scibor is also all about posting up some greens and they’ve got a new Dwarf up from a new sculptor they’ve hired on.

From the preview:

New Sculptor in our crew – Tomek Radziewicz and his first green 🙂

  • 4tonmantis

    Because you can never have enough mohawk dwarves..

    • Soulfinger

      Yeah, it would be better as more of a ‘mohawk shape’ with a loosem natural-looking updo and some hair pulled loose in the back — that, or a beehive. But seriously, trollslayer is all the rage these days.

  • number9

    38mm from foot to eye? Mohawk Ogre more likely. Nice sculpt though.

    • Well, it’s a 54mm miniature, so that fits nicely. Hope they will bring him out in 28mm, as well, eventually.

  • mac

    nice! reminds me a lot of Felix Panahuia’s work