Scibor Miniatures has the Atlas of Dwarves and Gamers

Scibor Miniatures has a new Dwarf for your tabletop. Check ‘im out!

From the website:

Model is made of high quality resin and provided with 20mm square scenic base. The figure is 22mm tall from feet to eyes line. It is unpainted and requires assembling.
Dice is Not included in the pack.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I like it!

    If Scibor made one that fit standard 20 sided dice it would be a great wounds counter for games like Kings of War where you don’t remove minis to keep track of wounds a unit has received.

    • That is a superb idea. I feel a few conversions going onto my list of KoW projects.

      Really like this mini would make a great score marker for BB too.

  • Surely they know the singular is “die” don’t they?

    • Soulfinger

      It’s a European company, so English isn’t their native language.

      • Bewulf

        Right, I always forget that England is not a part of Europe … oh wait. 😉

        • Volstagg

          Scibor is based in Poland.

          • Bewulf

            I know. I was only pointing out that a lot of European companies do have English as their native language.

    • Ghost

      “Die” is broadly considered to be archaic with “Dice” used as both plural and singular. Yes it hurts, but so long as the meaning is understood the function is served.

      • AccessDenied

        “Broadly considered” by whom? Those who can’t be bothered to get it right? A quick scan of a few dictionaries doesn’t show “die” being classed as archaic or obsolete. So now if we set out on an irrevocable course of action, should we say “the dice is cast” just because the meaning is understood?

        • Ghost

          You are both correct and right.

  • entil_zar

    No no…it’s german: Die Bart, die :-p

  • Orca

    +1 for Scibor