Scibor Miniatures has new SF Jetpack Graal Knight

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 17th, 2012

Scibor Miniatures continues their Graal Knight line with a new Jetpack variant. Check ‘im out!

From the release:

It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else You want! In blister You’ll find 1 unpainted resin miniature and scenic round, 25mm, resin base.

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  • Mildly interesting figure. I think he might’ve finally listened about the gun barrels needing to match up to the chamber.. but I can’t tell for sure. Not crazy about the jetpack.. or the glaive..
    The statue looks extremely miffed about being used as a jumping point.

  • Kolonel K

    The expression on the statue is the best part. Quite a static figure for someone jumping off another object.

  • Zemlod

    Yeah, same here. I might buy the statue if they sold it seperately.. Would make a great base for an Ork character, maybe Zagstruk, landing directly in his face, and him not liking it .. 😉

  • Borzag

    For some reason, I’m looking at that statue and thinking “Somebody made a monument to Vanilla Ice”