Sci-fi figure range for sale

Terragnosis is selling some of their 28mm sci-fi figures.

From their announcement:

This particular range of figures was first produced by TFT. The range was sculpted by Kev white (7 figures), Seth Nash (9 figures), Dan Pacy (5 figures ) and Steven Eserin (the remaining figures) Originally created for the game Sabotage they were also used for the spin off game Overkill.

We are working on the Overkill brand which is still available, but this figure range is not part of our plans and as such we are selling it off with the molds and full production rights.

The sale includes all the figures, 69 in total and I believe there are a couple in the master molds that were never released. the scale is 28-30mm and the genre is sci-fi

There is also a massive pile of terrain models up for grabs here