Scenario design contest at World of Twilight

Mike Thorp is holding a scenario design contest for his World of Twilight game.

From their announcement:

The creature creation contest we ran on the World of Twilight forum earlier in the summer was a great success and it seems about time to start a new contest. Having focussed on the world-building aspect last time we’ve decided to do something more game related this time.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a new scenario for the World of Twilight game. You can use any of the forces from the Empire, Delgon or Devanu cultures and the most recent rules are all available for free download from the World of Twilight website.

As with the creature design contest this is mainly an excuse for a bit of fun, but there are also some prizes up for grabs. I’ve just sent off a bunch of new sculpts to the casters and the creators of the winning scenarios will get a few master castings a month or two before the models go on general release.

The full rules for the contest can be found on the World of Twilight forum.