Scary Beard Productions Launches Great Squid Demon Kickstarter

Scary Beard Productions has their first product ever looking for funding over on Kickstarter.
It’s a Great Squid Demon and they also have some chaos-like terrain.

From them to you:

Scary Beard Productions has just released its first product through Kickstarter today, a Very large Daemon model, and some chaos terrain.

  • Additional risk: drawing the attention of GW’s legal team for the eight-pointed star of chaos on the base…

  • Cross

    Not sure if GW own the eight pointed star, but by my count, thats a seven pointed star in the sketch.

  • surfing.moose

    I think Michael Moorcock was using the pointed star as the symbol of chaos in his Eternal Champion books before GW. But don’t know if they were the exact same.