SCARAB to bring gaming to XCon

South Carolina Area Roleplayers and Boardgamers will be providing gaming events for XCon

From their announcement:

SCARAB is happy to announce that we have contracted with XCON World Sci-fi and Comic Book Convention to bring gaming to this great event. XCON World is in its third year with a year two attendance of more than three thousand and an expected year three attendance of more than four thousand people. SCARAB is the exclusive provider of open gaming for this convention.

We want to thank all of our sponsors who have provided us with support through prizes and demo products for the SCARAB Gaming Convention and let them know that we will be bringing their products to this additional venue. SCARAB is working on additional contracts similar to this and hopes to continue to bring our sponsors products to numerous venues each year. If you would like additional products demonstrated at any of our venues, please provide us with the materials. If you would like your products given away as prize support for events that we run using your products, please send material for this purpose.

Any merchandise provided should be distinguished as “Prize Support” or “Demo Support” and we look forward to bringing your great products to as many Gamers as we can.