Scarab Miniatures new releases and York event details

Scarab Miniatures have sent news of several new releases.


From their announcement:

Our next releases for the Great War in Italy 28mm range are now available.

French Late War 37mm Trench Gun with 3 crew and our vignette “Bon Chance” Pictures are also on our web site.

The fine fellows and ladies at Gripping Beast and Kallistra will have stock of these and the rest of the range at York this Sunday, 7th February.

Next up more French, Italians, Austrians and Rommel

We are also having our first gaming day on the 13th March, details on our web site and forum. The main focus will be the Great War in Italy game that we have been taking round the shows. There will also be a number of smaller games that affect the main game including wings of war and a WW1 protype tank battle!

There will also be an “Italian Invasion of Abyssinia, 1935-6” game, kindly organised by James Morris, details here