Scale Games adds The Damned to Fallen Frontiers

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Dec 1st, 2014
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Scale Games wants army commanders to have options. As such, they’ve added The Damned to their Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter. These figures are mercenary models that will work for various factions. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, they are being offered at a special price of $12. Just add them on to your pledge and get to cracking skulls.


From the campaign:

Hello backers,

Cyber Monday is here, and with it we are proud to announce the reveal of: THE DAMNED!

The Damned is a collection of mercenary heroes that offer their “services” to multiple armies. Each one of these heroes can be used in several armies, expanding your strategic possibilities further.

As a special treat we are offering these heroes at a special discount price of $12 each until the end of the campaign!

Here is a list of who can fight for which army:

-Kyra “Operator 551”: Ares + Riffs + Sayx
-Zerobyte: Harvesters + Sayx
-Val’n Dorr: Riffs + Ares

That’s it for now, make sure to check back with us later when we post a bit of background story on these heroes!

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  • 5th Dimension just reviewed some of the miniatures, check it out!
    It includes Sayx: Tarko Stahlen, Ares: Heavy Weapon, Harvester: Sphynx, and Riffs: Sihlas Fenn.
    They also did an update unlocking more heroes, lowered a couple stretch goals as we go into the final 24 hours.

    TWG (Talk Wargaming) did a product review of one of the miniatures, a Riff Berserker. There are images of the pieces, detail as well as comparison photo next to Warhammer 28mm and Malifaux 32mm miniatures:

    For those that are worried about the size of the miniatures and the use of existing terrain there was a good post on Dakka Dakka actually comparing 28/Heroic line to 35-40mm line. Using Fallen Frontiers miniatures to create the base comparison, then adding examples to show size comparisons from various miniatures from Infinity, WH40K, and Dust Tactics. You can see that here:

    Then a follow-up post created using the same miniatures shown in the baseline comparison taken with various 28/32mm terrain to show functionality. The terrain included Infinity, WH40K, varioud MDF terrain, and terrain from Micro Art Studio. You can see those comparisons and post here: