Sash and Saber 40% off sale

Sash and Saber are having a sale on their 25mm miniatures.

From their website:

Sash and Saber will be holding a “Fortnight of 40% Off” sale on all 25mm figures from July 1 – July 14. After numerous requests to repeat our very popular sale of a couple of years ago, we decided that’s it’s time — it’s our 10th anniversary. Since the webcart won’t apply the discount, any PayPal orders must be placed with an e-mail request for a PayPal invoice. Orders can also be phoned or mailed.

Those wishing to purchase at Historicon (July 8-11) should pre-order to assure that we’ll have what you want at the show.

I’ve been busy working on Blue Moon figs, so we won’t have much new for Historicon. Although we won’t have any new 25mm, we will have 40mm Napoleonic Hungarian Infantry and some display samples of our upcoming “Retreat From Moscow” range. I should complete the 40mm SYW dragoons soon and we plan on introducing 40mm “War of 1812” at Fall In. in October.