Sally 4th: Crossed Lances New Rules, Miniatures & Player Aids

Sally 4th has some new Crossed Lances resources, including new rules, miniatures and tokens.


From the release:

This week has been a busy week for all those involved with Crossed Lances medieval tournament rules with newly released rules, game aids and miniatures.
Crossed Lances Rules for Foot Melee and Archery Contest £20
The second rulebook for Crossed Lances provides rules for running the Foot Melee and the Archery Contest together with rules for running a complete tournament with a Games-master. This section includes rules for intrigues, dastardly deeds and crowd events.

Three New Miniatures from Curteys Miniatures for Crossed Lances
Mounted Herald reading Scroll £6.00
Mounted Referee £6.00
Mounted Trumpeter £6.00

New Player Aids from Sally 4th
We have added Lord specific Lord and Shield tokens for the last five Lords from the initial release. These tokens can be used instead of the generic set of Lord and Shield tokens to differentiate the specific skills of Lords in the tournament. Each set has a different mix of modifiers and comes with a full colour set of self-adhesive heraldry to apply to the back of the tokens. Each set is £8.00
· Earl of Oxford
· Sir William Wallace
· Thomas 3rd Lord Berkley
· Lord Otten Cazeneuvre
· Sir Philip Darcy
All of these products are available from Sally 4th, Crossed Lances, Curteys Miniatures, Scale Creep in the USA and many other games retailers.