Sale announcement from Accessible Games

Accessible Games is having themselves a sale over in their webshop. Go check out their RPG products and get them for cheaper than you usually would.



From the announcement:

Accessible Games is having a 68% off sale to celebrate the birth of my son.

The sale runs through Thursday, May 22nd. Here are a few goodies you’ll find:
Psi-punk PDF for $6.40 (reg. $19.99); Softcover for $14.25 (reg. $29.99) and Hardcover for $20.90 (reg. $39.99).
Game Publishing Lessons Learned PDF for $1.60 (reg. $5.00)
Conservation of N injutsu PDF for $0.80 (reg. $2.49)
Fire Starters: 10 Adventure Seeds to Spark Your Cyberpunk Campaign PDF for $0.80 (reg. $2.49)
All Alliterative Amusements PDFs for $0.80 each (reg. $2.49 each)

Just search “Accessible Games” at RPGNow / DriveThru RPG or follow the link in this article for more information.