Sails of Glory now up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 5th, 2013

Ares Games has their Sails of Glory game up on Kickstarter, and it’s already funded, so it’s stretch goals for 42 days.

From the campaign:

The mechanics of Sails of Glory are inspired by the excellent “maneuver deck” system used in Wings of Glory. For a long time, we’ve been discussing with the authors about the possibilities of the system, and how to develop it beyond its use in Wings. Then, we realized how well it could be adapted to naval wargaming, and the idea of Sails of Glory was born. We also realized that assembled and painted ship models to use in a miniature game do not exist on the market – and we wondered how much more accessible naval gaming would become if we were able to create beautiful small ships, ready to play out of the box.

That was our starting point, back in 2011. Since then, the game system of Sails of Glory has been carefully designed to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries. And just like we did for Wings of Glory, we engineered the production of fully assembled and painted ship figures, highly detailed, to use as “playing pieces” for the game.

The first series of Sails of Glory, which we are funding with this project, will be set in the Napoleonic Age, an iconic period for naval wargaming. Who has not heard of Nelson, Trafalgar, Abukir, and HMS Victory?

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  • Haibane

    Shame that international shipping rates are so high nowadays – here’s hoping they can find a way to make international pledges more worthwhile.

  • Grindar

    The ships are looking better than I expected.

    • cama

      They look like poop.

      Massive blocks that they rest on destroy any semblance of looking nice.

      Worst Kickstarter since the aluminum dice debacle of February.

      • Killraven

        Nice lack-of-imagination you’re sporting there. The bases are that think for functional purposes, and are barely noticeable when you’re looking down on them while playing.

        • cama

          I stand by my comments. Won’t be buying into this, now, or ever.

  • Marauder

    Ya, the shipping (even just to Canada) makes it a no go for me. I don’t mind not getting a crazy good deal, but having to pay more to participate in the kickstarter than I would once its available at a LGS is a bit much.


  • CaseyJone5

    was really looking forward to this.
    its a bit more expensive than i anticipated.
    probably be cheaper to just wait until i comes out and buy it from

  • Nivanti

    Shipping rates are a joke!!

    $50 I don’t think so, not from my pocket.

    • Killraven

      Not knowing where you are, but choosing shipping to France (an expensive country, just as an example), using the info listed on the kickstarter, and assuming their dimensions are in centimeters, the USPS website shows shipping costs to be $53. Granted that is via Priority Mail, where Surface Freight would be a good bit cheaper.

  • Veritas

    Wow! This is a brutally expensive game.

  • Nivanti

    Seeing nonsense like these shipping rates that are almost the price of the game really makes me want to give up kickstarter.

    These companies must think non US gamers are mugs to pay this.

  • tankcommander

    $50 postage? What a joke and I was so looking forward to this. Sorry no longer interested.

  • and the public continues to pre-pay for games that the company could afford to produce..

    • CaseyJone5

      hate it when kickstarters ask retail msrp.
      like you said, thats prepaying, not funding.

  • cama

    Terrible all the way around.

    These look worse than cheap plastic toys found in dispensing machines. UGH.

    Stick to the WW1 planes guys. Focus on getting those to stores, not this atrocity.

  • cama

    OMFG. $50 add-on shipping to anyone not in the US? Are you stupid? This is the worst Kickstarter ripoff I have seen to date.

    And I still think the ships look like cheap rubber or plastic toys. UGH!!!

  • Ghost

    Well, it’s funded so I guess there are enough US gamers interested. The international shipping rate is ridiculously high – in fact I’d go so far as to describe it as insultingly high. A competent supply chain manager can still find reasonable international shipping rates in today’s environment…

    Postage aside the models are moderately nice although the blue base is far superior to the horrible white base (presumably a prototype for playtesting). The starter box is far too expensive to include only four ships.

    Overall I’d rate this effort as initially exciting and quickly disappointing. Despite being funded I doubt it will go far beyond the Kickstarter unless the value is increased or price point lowered.

  • cybogoblin

    What amazes me is that backers in Hawaii and Alaska don’t have to pay for shipping, while those in Canada do. Surely, they would have to go through Canada to get to Alaska, right?

  • Nivanti

    They say the game is produced in China and then sent to a warehouse in us, why not just keep it in a warehouse in China and ship from there??

    No doubt the shipping from China to Us and the warehouse in US are probably added to the postage rates people are expected to pay??

    The company are Italian ??

    They say the box is big, Ares statements like this honestly!

    Ill stick to pirates CSG thanks.

    • Haibane

      Shipping to individual pledgers from China would be way more expensive than bulk shipping to a US distribution point first though. Setting up an EU distribution point would make some sense so long as they get enough EU pledges to justify this, but they don’t have any of the infrastructure in place at the moment apparently.

      Seems like it could turn into a chicken & egg situation : Ares won’t set up an EU distribution point without enough EU pledges to justify it, and there won’t be many EU pledges until postage is lowered through using an EU distribution point XD.

    • cama

      Now who is sporting a stunning lack of imagination! Basic card ships? Why not just play without and use your imagination?

      I say, good day to you!

  • Killraven


    They list the weight, and package dimensions.
    Go to the US Postal Service website and see how much shipping actually is to your country.
    Gripe, if applicable.

    In that order, please.

    • Just made a label for a box of figures to ship to the UK, $60 for a medium flat rate box (4lbs). USPS’ latest rate hike is ridiculous, but there isn’t much anyone can do about it, its not like free shipping actually exists.

      • Soulfinger

        The USPS price hike really is significant, especially since the knee-jerk reaction you see here of “the company is screwing us” is pretty typical. Five years ago, my wife and I ran a business with half of our sales overseas. I don’t think we could manage that today. It’s hard enough with everyone expecting free shipping on domestic orders.

    • cama

      You should change your name to “killjoy”.

      Genuine fun sucker you are.

      USPS will have to lower their rates after they get back all the sponsorship money from Armstrong. Fly like an eagle, and juice often!

    • Ghost

      You forgot a step: shop around for a better shipping rate

  • Nivanti

    People have the right to gripe if they wish over something as ridiculous as 50$ postage.

    • cama


  • Haibane

    Have to say that although I’m annoyed at the inequity of the international postage rates on their KS, I do feel a sorry for Ares – afterall the freight companies did recently hike their international rates up massively as On The Lamb points out, and Ares do have to take into account VAT (which in their comments I think they agree to absorb?) for EU countries.

    I suspect that Ares are going to have to balance the potential for getting more EU pledgers with absorbing more costs and so getting less from the EU pledges.

    • cama

      I don’t feel bad for Ares in the least. They are the leftover from Nexus’ death and know what NOT to do. Now, if they could just keep to what made them – the WW1 game, and keep the stock levels of THAT up!

  • Grindar

    While yes, actual shipping fee might actually match the USPS fee for shipping to the foreign country, shouldn’t that cost be credited the price of US shipping already included in the kickstarter tier? That would drop it a bit.

  • phoenixman

    will def buy this when out as love Wings of War

    • cama

      Oh! I get it now. Hard to understand that without.

  • Nivanti

    They could start using local companies in the eu to produce the games instead of kinda toy bent plastic and cheap warped boards from china all the time.

    Lets start having some quality, I’d pay for that above postage rats, at least it would feel like I’m getting something for my money then.

    • cama

      That’s what I’m talking about. If they did these as hard plastic kits that were fast assembly, people could easily paint them fast or detail them. As is they look like cheap and rubbery junk. Not Chinese junks, Chinese-made junk!

      They could get Renedra in the UK to tool these, it’s the better way to go.

      I just think this will KS and die.

  • Nivanti

    I’m with you on that! I get fed up with 2nd rate cheap crap from China all the time.

    • Soulfinger

      I cut out the middle-man and order my cheap crap directly from China, as much as I can anyway.