SagaBorn Creature Compendium Up On Kickstarter

The world is filled with all manner of creatures. Everywhere you go, there’s life thriving. Bringing all those critters to your RPG can be tough. That’s where bestiaries and compendiums come in. Up on Kickstarter now, there’s the SagaBorn Creature Compendium. It’s got 90+ creatures for you to throw at your party (figuratively, unless you also have some sort of creature-launching mechanism… there’s a plot hook if I ever heard one).

From the campaign:

The Creature Compendium, A Guide to Hunting the Monsters and Creatures of Atheles will be a 100+ page book filled with over 90 creatures for the gloomy lands of Atheles. The book will be hardbound, designed to look as if it is the leather journal of a monster hunter*. Inside each creature has descriptive text, stats for the SagaBorn RPG, and an illustration or two. This will provide GMs all the information they need to start building adventures in the Dark Return setting, give adventurers a leg up on the monsters they may face, or give a collector a book filled with wonderful artwork.

The book is told through the eyes of two well known monster hunters from Atheles, Etahn and Delgon. This gives the descriptions a personal touch, and a view into the larger world of the Dark Return.

*This will be a high quality hardbound book, printed with faux texture to make it look as if it is bound in leather.

The campaign is just up and over its funding goal with still 27 days left to go.