Sabol receives Battlefoam legal notice

Sabol Designs have received a Cease and Desist legal notice from Battlefoam.

From their announcement:

We received this “letter” last on 8-30-2010 from Battlefoam’s attorney. I wonder if it was also sent to the entire foam cutting industry, which would include the hundreds of companies listed on the Thomas Register in the foam cutting industry that has existed for more years than Romeo has been alive. Since we do not laser cut foam at all, I find this stunning. I understand patent applications very well as discussed by others many times on this board. I understand also, what is patentable and what is not. How do I know this?

Take a look at over 100 patents that have been in my family for over 50 years. Google ” Jack J. Gilbert”, my father. He invented and patented some of the world’s most innovative products that include, Mr. Coffee, the Electric Knife, Slicing Machines, Hand Held Steam Cleaner, The Switch to turn on and off traffic lights, Blood Serum Analyzer, Microfiche Reader, Mail Sorting Equipment and the list goes on an on. I take personal offense for such a ludicrous letter that was sent to my company.

Denise Haynes
Sabol Designs, Inc.

Update: Living Dice now has a copy of the Battlefoam patent application available for viewing.