S6 Engineering release Small Scale Airfield Set

S6 Engineering have released a Small Scale Airfield Set for use with games such as Epic and BattleTech.

Small Scale Airfield Set

From their announcement:

This airfield set is produced from laser-cut 3mm grey acrylic. It’s size is ideal for Epic, Battletech, Heavy Gear, Aeronautica Imperialis and other games of similar scale.

Contents are: two runway sections (5x27cm) that can be used separately or combined into a single 54cm runway.
Three service/storage bays for aircraft (7.5x6cm) which can accomodate an AI Marauder, an Epic Thunderhawk, Battletech Interface Shuttle, etc.

Two panels each with three grilled areas that can accommodate an AI Valkyrie, an Epic Thunderbolt, a Battletech VTOL, etc. These could also be used as solar collectors, missile silos, etc.

Combine one or more of these sets with our roads and building baseplates to create more complex airfield layouts.