S6 Engineering official supplier of counters and markers for Gruntz

S6 Engineering will be the official supplier of gaming markers and tokens for the upcoming Gruntz sci-fi rules.


From their announcement:

Gruntz is an exciting new 15mm wargame being developed by Robin Fitton with contributions from a number of people including the legendary Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games. (if you’re in Reading on the 20th or 21st be sure to catch up with Robin at Warfare!)

At S6 Engineering we are very proud to announce that we are now the official supplier of counters and markers for Gruntz.
The first product specifically for Gruntz is a set of counters for marking various conditions. These counters are made from tough 3mm laser-cut acrylic. The set consists of 10x Waxed (Skull), 6x Suppressed (Explosion), 5x Prone (Helmet) & 5x Scared Sh*tless (Arrow) Available in colour-coded opaque or in your choice of translucent fluorescent colours.