S and S release 20mm wrecks and barricades

S & S Models have released three 20mm wrecked vehicle terrain pieces as well as several 20mm barricade terrain pieces.

From their announcement:

Its been a few weeks since we released anything new, so we thought some new modern battlefield wrecks for december would go down well with those modern gamers amongst you.

We have 3 new wrecks to go with our shot up Hilux pick up:-

  • the first is a wrecked Soviet BMP 1 APC
  • the second is a wrecked Soviet Gaz 66 gs truck
  • the third is a wrecked Mercedes G Wagen

All of these wrecks are ideal as either cover for the table, objective markers, or as replacements when the vehicle has been destroyed in action and can then be readily identified as battle damaged.

We have also made some hasty road barricades or road blocks, as well as some burning tyres, ideal scenery features for any modern game.

The road blocks are made from tyres, wheels, corrugated iron sheets and other junk, we have more to follow including some barricades made with old cars and pick up’s etc.

As usual there are more pics on our picture site.

All of the creations were designed, sculpted and painted by Chris Woffenden, and I would like to thank him for his efforts, he has more ideas he is working on, so they should look every bit as good as these.

We would welcome any ideas you have for more wrecks, if we have the base vehicle in our range.

There is a new PDF with prices etc available. Please email me at sales@sandsmodels.com and I will gladly send you one ASAP.

Many thanks
Shaun & Stewart