Rusted Heroes new releases and pre-orders

Fantization Miniatures have new Rusted Heroes releases and are accepting pre-orders for their January releases.

Rhinah of the Wild
Rhinah of the Wild

From their announcement:

The December new release is now available and shipping. This months new release is a great support character for the “Norse Invaders”  RHM3006 Rhinah of the Wild, Female Shaman w/ Totem of the Dead (x2 figs).  

This pack includes Rhinah and her spell effect of the “Totem of the Dead” a Mystical Essence Spell effect.  She summons a Totem of the Dead which causes black billowing smoke to spring forth from the ground and within the smoke it siphons a swirling horror of skulls that shoot out to attack the living enemies of the Norse.  Rhinah of the Wild has a point cost of 30 pts. and has the following Abilities:  Bones of the Dead, Cursed Voodoo Doll, and Totem of the Dead.

Arriving this early January 2011 hacking his way into his enemies hearts is RHM3007 “Brahn Life Cleaver, Champion” – Norse Invaders.  Brahn Life Cleaver dances his way through his enemies hacking and cutting them down before they even know he is upon them.  Brahn Life Cleaver does not have a final point cost as of yet and has the below tentative Abilities:  Fearless II, Heart of the Wild, Leap Attack, Precise Strike, and War Dance.