Runewars combat preview

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new Runewars preview looking at the combat system in this upcoming fantasy boardgame.

From their website:

Last week I talked a little about the evolution of the Runewars game design and its inspirations. But even with the most interesting characters, setting, and victory conditions, a game of armies and empires would surely fall flat if it did not have exciting and engaging battles.

When I first set out to design the combat system, I thought about what I wanted it to accomplish. First, the system needed to be immersive and thematic: it had to make necromancers feel like necromancers (and I don’t mean cold and clammy). Second, it had to be quick, and never become cumbersome. With these goals in mind, I set off on my quest… but unlike many of the quests in Runewars, this one required neither strength nor agility.