RuneCast-Miniatures: New Bidenhänder Dwarfs soon available

RuneCast is showing off the greens for their Bidenhänder Dwarfs that’ll be available next month.


From the preview:

RuneCast-Miniatures presents two new sculpts for their Lansquenet-Dwarfs line,
Swordplayer 1 and Swordplayer 2.
Four more of these troopers for the Bidenhänder unit are planned and will be sculpted in the next months.

  • mweaver

    Oh, very nice!

  • I got 3 of these dwarves some weeks ago for my “OOP dwarf army”, and I’ll get these too. They fit perfectly with all those “imperial”, “bretonian” and “Estalian” dwarves, and are nicely sculpted.