Rumor has it Confrontation is being announced at GAMA

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 13th, 2012

We have heard that Confrontation is going to being brought back in full. We will have more updates on this, as we hear more.

Has anyone else heard any rumors about this? What do you think?

  • blkdymnd

    Let it die, it was a really clunky system in its heyday.

  • Decados

    This game, like Warzone, is the kiss of death for any company that takes it.

    They’ve shown weapons grade stupidity in the way they handle their product.

  • jahatch28

    I think they should go the route of Mantic… just make minis for other games.. advertise as such.. heck, Mantic could use all their miniatures for their fantasy game anyway (although i guess confrontation isn’t designed for huge battles, the characters in it make great leaders, captains, generals, etc)…

    Also, as far as we know, it isn’t the miniatures (other than cost of metals) that broke them, it was poor management, embezzling, and corporate issues… the game itself was fun (as far as skirmishes go) and certainly the miniatures are top rate… well, until they started pre-painted plastics, that I’d never understand from a company that should have prided itself on the fancy sculpts and paint jobs…

    • Decados

      Exactly. Here’s the rub. At one point, they made fantastic metal miniatures which they showcased with absolutely amazing paint jobs. At the store I work at, people bought them just for that. Then, when they changed over to prepainted plastics, they alienated every one of their previous customers, just to be greedy in the PPM market. They didn’t do very well there either, and alienated the (few) customers they had. So I ask, who’s left out there that’s interested in them anymore. Just about everyone I know of has moved on.

  • Mananarepublic

    Game is solid and I am happy it is back!

  • KelRiever

    Well, here’s some food for thought:

    1) Despite some negative reaction to certain Legacy miniature releases, most were an unbelievable success as far as selling goes. Those that weren’t, they took lessons from.

    2) The announcement is that they will come out with a new rulebook based sort of on the 3.5 release, but with their own streamlining.

    3) They will only go back and rerelease to a certain point, and beyond that its new figs. So it isn’t all re-release and it seems the idea is to move forward.

    My personal preference sees pros and cons from a completely selfish point of view. I’d just rather they re-release 3.0 as 3.5 just seemed to be a giant playtest and fakeout for CAoR (which was a disaster). The rulebook was already made, it was the height of popularity of the game, and while some people liked 2.0 better, 3.0 seemed to be its best moment. Really, the game just needed cleaning up from 3.0, and 3.5 was not that.

    Someone aluded to hoping there would be round bases. I sincerely hope NOT. It isn’t that I don’t like round base games, but round bases for Confrontation was never a good idea. People have too many hang ups about bases, and the square base system for Confrontation happened to be perfect for the kind of game it was.

    I, however, am thrilled that they’ll continue to release more figures, and also go with metal (though I think they will not release any of what they currently did in metal). If they come out with some rules system I don’t prefer, I can still play 3.0 and hobble some stats for figs I like (and that means those that there aren’t stats for already, obviously). I never thought Confrontation was for every miniature gamer and I think one of their great failures was in trying to make it so that it was. There’s plenty of room for them as a popular enough game and this time, hopefully they can not take a business plan that is working fine, and torpedo it with some silly, mass production, rubber figure version meant to take over the world.

    • To add another purely subjective view:
      I would also prefer if the re-released version was leaning towards 3.0 more than towards 3.5. I was an avid Confrontation gamer in 2.0 and 3.0, championing the game in my home town. Dropped out because I couldn’t relate to 3.5 (and because WarMachine offered mechanisms that were more to my taste), but still I’d say a Confrontation re-release could find it’s niche if…

      … they go with unpainted metal miniatures the quality of which is on par with their releases before the PPP era.
      … they streamline combat and cut off the extreme results on the wound table.
      … they retain the mechanisms for clerics and magic users, which I loved, whilst weedng out the Grimoires a bit.
      … they invest some brain-power into a campaign system, by developing Dogs of War further. Good concept, less than stellar balance, from my experience.

  • skullking

    I definitely love the sculpting on these miniatures. There was a real artistic flare to them, as though they weren’t sculpted just to match up with rules, but to look amazing, and then have a game built around them. The painting was also absolutely unbelievable, and I think that added a lot to how stunning the figures were. I have their ‘plastic’ version of the game, and never even tried playing it. I will be anxious to see what they come up with in the way of new figures. But I know that GW and other companies have snatched up a few of their artists since the collapse. We’ll see.

  • Kriga

    I actually really like the pre-painted version; Age of the Rag’narok. It gave me an easy way into the game. After that I have gotten into the metal range and bought loads of the internet. And I am not alone in my gaming community.

    I really hope they make quality resin models, and give people the opportunity to by pre-painted. Much like Dust:Tactics. If you want to, you can spend loads of cash on really neatly painted miniatures OR buy the unpainted ones. I for one want the pre-painted, mainly beacause I don’t have that much time to spend on painting in between job, girlfriend, actual gaming and everyday life.

    But most inportantly for me is quality. I agree that the last Confrontation version was no about quality but when I got into the metal range I realized that that’s it was it is all about!

    So bring med lovlingly designed books with full color paintings, great evenly matched rules and the sweetest fantasy miniatures known to man (painted and un-painted) and I will bloody buy it!

    I know thats asking alot but with the Confrontation line I belive it is possible. I want to end this post with my first feeling when reading the topic: F**K YEAH!

    • cannondaddy

      I bought a starter but never played. I understand the disappointment of those who were into the original metal versions, but the Rackham pre-paints were probably the best out there. Also, I’m somewhat surprised to see Confrontation brought back before AT 43. it seemed AT 43 had a pretty big following.

      • haywire

        I think the AT-43 license was purchased by someone else.

    • shiny

      what @Kriga said!

    • garducio

      sorry to say this but the prepainted plastic minis are terrible. if i could i would burn every single one of them just to not see them. It’s the worst thing they ever did. and hope they will never do that again.

  • If they release unpainted resin figures using the CAoR rules, I’m in.
    If they release anything that even resembles any previous Confrontation rules, I’m so out.

  • jmt

    I, for one, would welcome the return of Confrontation – I still have all my painted forces and a crate or two of unpainted. I would hope that they wouldn’t streamline combat too much – there was a definite set of tactics to selecting dice and attacks. I would also hope (if things are a success) they would re-release a streamlined (somewhat) Rag’Narok 1.

    That, of course, all depends on how well the figures look. That has always been the point of Confrontation.
    — the Man with the Pointy Hat

  • not that i had a lot to do with old Confrontation, but I would welcome a return! (I had hoped to see a comment from the man with the pointy hat ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • cama

    I loved the imagery and the setting, the translation of the rules was different. Cadwallon looked awesome too. Here’s hoping it works.

  • decaramas

    Who’s bringing it back? Rackham ? I seem to remember the world now belongs to Dust Games. I personally love the world and am happy to see it back in any form (hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me)

    • Rich_B

      Legacy Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not according to the news splash we had today over at UKCORD ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pitac

    I am in. I too like the pre-painted version; Age of the Ragโ€™narok. But I’d be okay with either.

  • A debugged version of the skirmish system would be very good news. However I’ve seen a picture on Warmania (french message board) and It appears that the game would be published by Legacy and CmoN. I may be wrong but isn’t CmoN the actual owner ot TGN? How can it happen that they’re not aware of this and cannont confirm?

  • Magno

    Are you sure this is not the release of the video game? And not the miniature game?
    Isn’t GAMA more oriented toward eGames?
    I know miniature companies are there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t about the video game.

    Nonetheless, I would very much welcome a release of 3.0 or a cleaned up version of 3.5, but not a mass combat system.

    • Decados

      GAMA is most certainly NOT geared towards eGames. It’s been the traditional manufacturer association for tabletop gaming for over 20 years.

      • Magno

        Oooooooh,…..I was just setting some one up to look smarter than me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • cybogoblin

    One of the stores that regularly attends GenCon is still selling the ‘classic’ metal miniatures. I’d have bought some (okay, probably a lot), but their rarity made them pricey. Hopefully the rereleased minis will be more affordable.

  • Ordok

    Hell Yeah !!!

  • Sisyphus

    Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme…. brkahtkjhtkhg orth tghotgi

  • Marauder

    I would be shocked if it was the newer mass battle version coming out again. If anything I would expect it to be the old metal line – hopefully with v3 or some skirmish rules updated. One of the problems with v3 is that they were stuck with the point values on the cards. If they are starting over again they can always redo the cards (without point values) and then go for it.

  • garducio

    I am so excited that confrontation is coming back. When i heard the news my heart was puonding.

    It was a shame when they went down all bc they went to prepainted platic minis the 2 worst things they could have ever done. Of course it wasn’t all just bc of that but for me when i heard they were changing to plastic prepainted minis i promissed myselfe never ever to buy them. After having the most beautiful minis out in the market they had too ruin it. I have a huge collection of confrontation metal minis 3 huge boxes full of them. All i hope is when they release the new minis they will be in metal except for the bigger minis that will stay in resin, not plastic bc i will never buy prepainted plastic minis.

    For the rules i like them it’s a real fun game but they would need to change the magic and incantaions up a little to make it easyer to use. Also dogs of war is a great game tweek the rules a little bit to make it better would be a good thing.

    But confrontation 3.5 will always be in my heart and will always love this game and the minis no matter what. And i just can’t wait to be able to see the confrontation minis back in the shops and hopefully people playing the game. That would make my year.