Rum and Bones previews Albrecht the Thrice Damned

Rum & Bones begins previewing some models with a look at Albrecht the Thrice Damned.


From the post:

Introducing the first of our Lineup:


  • Soulfinger

    Does his gun actually shoot little men, or is that kind of like a snotling coming out of it?

    Also, how do you get to be thrice damned? Does that mean you are going to hell in the literal sense, then damned in the more informal sense of being rotten, and on top of all that you own the definitive collection of the 1970s English rock band, The Damned? Or maybe when he gets upset, he is just like, “Damn, damn, damn,” which isn’t quite as compelling.

  • mathieu

    “Preview” of a model that’s been out for over 5 years? I guess his name is new, so that’s that.

    • blkdymnd

      No different than when Cipher was ‘previewing’ Helldorado releases that had been out for a long time

      • mathieu

        Indeed, and I probably posted the same sort of comment a few times when they did. 🙂

    • Mananarepublic

      You’re right, every single gamer – old and new – know that figure is old, that it is for the game Rum & Bones (Ron = Rum in Spanish) and it is so childish of cmon to rename the figure when they are re-releasing the game….

  • -DE-

    Rum & Bones? What happened to Ron & Bones?

    • Borzag

      Same thing… in Spanish. (No, really, look it up. Ever wonder why the man released “Ron de Jeremy”?)

      • -DE-

        What does ‘bones’ stand for in Spanish?