Rules for Neuroshima Tactics available from Portal Publishing

Portal Publishing posted up the Neuroshima Tactics rulebook online for your reading pleasure.

From the update:

Today the rules for Neuroshima Tactics (post-apocalyptic skirmish from Portal Publishing) were added to the download section of the NST website

Both Rulebook and Armybook are available for free download in the PDF format. International premiere of Neuroshima Tactics will take place this week at the Essen Trade Fairs.

  • Daniel36

    I like what I read so far. It seems a mix of Fallout meets Necromunda. I like that. Not sure yet how I feel about the different gangs though… they seem very “defined” already, aside from the Hegemony, perhaps.

    They need to have someone check the work though, I saw quite a couple of typos, but nothing major.

    • Heh… being an historian, the idea that “they’re all defined, except the Hegemony” is humorous, especially having read Gramsci and in fact, tonight in class, will be discussing how Eugene Genovese used Gramscian hegemony to discuss the American South in the 1860s.