Ruined Bridge and Sewer Entrances Review posted on Graven Games

Graven Games posted a review of the Ruined Bridge and Sewer Entrances made by Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs.

From the review:

Today we’ve got 2 more laser-cut terrain kits to show you, both are 28mm scale and are from Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs who specialise in low cost, green alternatives to resin terrain. We’ve previously looked at DLCDs Steampunk Factory and Antenna Tower kits but today we are opening up their Ruined Bridge and their Above Grade Sewer Entrance 4-pack, both of which would work well in modern, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic game settings.

  • MartianBanshee

    Green alternatives to resin terrain? Seriously? Green? I still want my lead miniatures back, the only “green” I care about with my wargaming is the foliage on the table.