Ruination, a new 54mm miniatures game up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 12th, 2013

Ruination is a new 54mm scale heroic fantasy battle game looking to get funded over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Ruination is an awesome game of heroic fantasy combat using highly detailed and superbly crafted 54mm figures. Follow the link here for more pictures and information.

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  • tuco

    Has there ever been a 54mm game that went anywhere?

    • cannondaddy

      Personally, I’m intimidated by the scale painting-wise. I think it all comes down to game mechanics.

  • its a question we have considered.. the two main issues seemed to be

    initial cost: we made the game so it would work with 1-2 figures per side, so cost to get into the game is relatively low compared with other 54mm games that have fallen by the way side.

    terrain: this can be played with simple terrain like trees and pillars, so no need to make lavish sets, or build a new set of terrain specifically for this.

    • cannondaddy

      I think it would be important to be able to customize those figures abilities from game to game for replayabilty

    • KelRiever

      54mm is great to paint, and I would only add my voice to the concern of terrain. I think that is what ultimately helped destroy Inquisitor (oh and of course bad rules, but we all know bad rules aren’t ever the downfall of GW games or they’d be out of business already 😛 ). If it is a Kickstarter anyway, why not have some resin/or plastic basic buildings as stretch goals? Something beyond just some simple trees or pillars. In other words, you could look at terrain as maybe something that can make money.

      Pics of a game would go a long way too, with maybe some shots with simple terrain and awesomely painted figs. People could visualize 54mm and see how it could work. I think it would be excellent for hammering a spike into preconceived notions about scale.

  • Soulfinger

    If there are ten minis already sculpted then where are the photos of them? Plus, no rules breakdown on the KS page, because they’d have to be pretty amazing to make 1-on-1 more interesting than the Hall & Oates song. I recall just about every 54mm game so far being played with 2-4 figures, right? So, this isn’t really that different.

    My big turn-off with this, as with many other games, is playing a game with a bunch of individual pregen characters, which is to say, I can play “Tarquin” or “Mommet,” but there’s no generic dude that I get to assemble and name as I like. I’d probably buy into the first 54mm game that sells me a bag of heads, arms, torsos, and legs with fleshed out rules for customizing them into true individuals.

    • cannondaddy

      I like creating my own characters as well. Give me a lot of background and details in the fluff, but leave room for my imagination.

    • tuco

      That customization ability was the main selling point for me with both Necromunda and Mordheim. With the way platic is making its presence felt in every corner of the industry I am kinda surprised we haven’t yet seen a game that allows for the customization in the model’s stats of those two aforementioned games combined with something like how GW sells some of their generic plastic characters like the Space Marine hero or the Emprie General or the Empire Wizard. I’d be all over a skirmish game with that level of customization even if it had just mediocre rules and average sculpts

      • Soulfinger

        Yup. Even with all of the new games coming out, I found myself returning to Mordheim for that reason. I hate using the named characters in games like WH40K — as if in all of the universe, Chapter Master Doomskull Bloodflesh, or whatever mega-creative names they are using these days, is going to drop everything to show up to every 500 point skirmish my army engages in.

  • well you can see 5 of the figures here click on the images to open a gallery for that figure.

    and here is one of the actual models, this is the 3d print.

    we dont have many models actually made, its expensive, which is why we needed a kick starter to cover the costs.

    the others we are still working up art, and will post on KS and our site as we can.

    all the art you see on the KS page is made directly from images of the sculpts, as is this guy. hes a resin model, but the spikes are added as parts of a brass rod that comes with him.

    the build your own hero idea is a nice one, and the rules for it are being worked on in the RPG version, but that’s a long way off.

    we will be posting more videos explaining the rules in some depth soon, and the rules will be available as a free download. Ill post links here on TGN when it is available.

    • Soulfinger

      I guess I am confused. The KS says that “There are already 10 figures sculpted, and these are ready to go to production.” Where are the pics of those?

      Barring future disillusionment, I would like to see this KS succeed — even if the sorceress concept art looks eerily like this meth addict who lives a couple blocks from my house. I just wish people in general would have the majority of the rules previews, art, and “more information” posted online when the KS begins instead of maybe gradually doling it out. That sort of thing inspires confidence in me, as opposed to two years of development boiled down into two-hundred words of extremely vague ad copy. There are so many KS, successful or not, that I feel could have doubled their funding if they had just provided more information at launch, because you can build off that initial momentum but there is no going back to recapture it.

      Personally, the chances of me revisiting a KS that promises more details a couple weeks down the road are very slim . . . unless I am actively mocking it, which isn’t the case here. I would have read the rules and probably been sold on them if there had been some summary on day one, but ten days from now, I’m not going to be interested anymore, even in a free PDF, unless an update posts here with a couple dozen positively raving comments. By then, the money is already spent, so to speak. Games are such a super saturated market these days.

  • the sculpts are 3d, if you follow the links Ive sent in the previous post. the second link down shows the blue 3D print of one of the warriors. the detail reproduced is identical to the sculpt.

    all the art is created using renders of those sculpted 3D figures. in the other link that takes you to our figure gallery you can see more views of each sculpt.

    so when you see the renders of Mommet, thats the figure too, thats how it looks when printed.

    We will get an update together which shows more of the parts we have in hand, but as I said previously, if we could get all these 10 printed and molded without kickstarter funding, we wouldnt be on kickstarter, ill try and get as many images of pieces we have printed or cast already, in the update.


    • Soulfinger

      I understand the digital sculpt part, although I didn’t catch that you could click on the character pics in the first link. Anyways, I was more getting at the quantity — 10 figs versus the 6 shown, but whatever. I probably missed something. Best of luck with the KS.

  • thanks

    Ill post more pics of the other figures as we get art ready.. and images of actual models too, which I havnt posted any of yet.