Rosa Miniatures and Games launches The Hive War: Devonshire 1892 Kickstarter campaign

Rosa Miniatures and Games has a Kickstarter up and running in order to fund models for the Hive Queen and Country game setting. They’ve got bugs and tanks ready to be funded by you.


From the campaign:

Rosa Miniatures and Games is developing miniatures for the Hive Queen and Country universe using the latest 3D printing technology.

Why do we need your support? In July 2013 we formed Rosa Miniatures and Games to develop miniatures for the Hive Queen and Country universe using the latest technology 3D printing.This technology provide more details and permits overhanging parts, thus you will receive “bugs” of exceptional quality. Since the Hive Queen and Country universe is played as both a table top war-game (Hive and the Flame) and as a role-playing game (Stars of Empire), our miniature line for this game will be produced in both 15mm and 25mm. At this time we need your help to move for development into production.

  • Gabbi

    by the description seems to me that they will produce the models directly with 3D printers. I wasn’t thinking this technology is already viable (economically) for producing final models (just masters and prototypes). or I’ve misunderstood something?

    • It depends on the type of 3D printer. The high res polymer solution (resin) ones use up the whole container of fluid when printing even if it’s just one figure (afaik) and thus the cost is per height. If you make good use of the “buildable” area you save a lot of cash. They mention they might print molds instead for injection molding if it’s a viable option and also use ABS material for some models that is cheaper but has lower res.

      Unless I misunderstood as well I think you are correct that they intend to sell printed figures and I find it quite intruiging as I really don’t think it’s very cost effective – at least not in 28mm scale. I suppose the investment cost in molding and casting is a big step if it’s a small venture. This way they don’t have to order a huge amount to be cost effective which in turn makes it possible to publish a game in small scale and not have a ton of money bound in stock they can’t sell (if the game bombs).