Root Dice exotic wood dice up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 2nd, 2014

World Nine Goods launched a Kickstarter campaign for Root Dice, their exotic wood dice to match your player’s archetype.

Root Dice


From the campaign:

What are the Root Dice?

– A set of six handmade wooden dice.
– Made from bog woods that have been preserved underground for thousands of years.
– A slim handmade case in oiled canvas and leather.
– A unique numbering system that allows you to roll anything from a D4 to a D20 using six-sided dice.

What is the Archetype Expansion?

– Complete Root Dice sets themed to match your character or design preference.
– Two of the six dice from the standard set are replaced with themed wood.
– The case color, stitching, and leather inlay are themed as well.
– 6 sets: The Warrior, The Cleric, The Rogue, The Pyro, The Marksman, and The Necromancer.

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  • Soulfinger

    Their preserved “bog woods” look surprisingly like cubes cut from the pen blanks for sale on eBay. In fact, where can I find this mythical bog from which one can harvest Douglas Fir that still looks fresh cut? Nice as the presentation is, the claim that these are bog wood is a flat-out lie. HERE is what an actual set of bog wood dice looks like. Bog wood is expensive for its unique character and relative rarity, whereas the blanks (a sawmill byproduct) they are using cost as little as $1 for enough to make an entire $29 dice set.

    • mathieu

      Whether they are authentic bog oak or not (while I agree that they are suspiciously cheap, Artisan Dice is very expensive and I’m not convinced their prices reflect the actual costs of the materials either), I’m more shocked by the incredibly complicated system they “invented” to roll a d20… Having to roll 2 dice, plus potential rerolls (almost 50% of having to reroll at least a dice), is not clever nor cool, it’s just incredibly clunky!

      • Soulfinger

        I wasn’t meaning to plug Artisan Dice, just illustrate the character of wood that is step 1 on its way to becoming coal. Yes though, I think the complicated die rolling mechanic is because the product is band saw + pen blank, whereas tooling a polyhedron requires . . . what’s a polite way of saying it? Effort?

        • mathieu

          Oh I didn’t see it as a plug, I guess my point was to suggest that actual cost is probably somewhere in between these. Which is essentially agreeing with you and the dubious nature of their “bog oak”.

          I also definitely agree with your conclusion. Some of the markings on their dice are not even centered on the faces…