Rogue Heroes Publishing Launches Rifts Board Game Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 10th, 2017

One of the most popular RPG series which has been adapted to several different systems as well as numerous versions, Rifts is a game that many of us have played at some point. But for the first time, it is coming to the tabletop as a board game. Rogue Heroes Publishing has launched a Kickstarter for the game.

From the campaign:

The Rifts® Board Game offers three distinct modes of play:

1. Campaign Mode: 1-5 players take on the roles of the Heroes of Lazlo, a group of valiant champions who defend the innocent and struggle to break the Coalition’s stranglehold on the ‘Burbs. And one, single player acts as the CS Mission Director, who strives to keep the peace in the violent, lawless slums and take down troublemakers like your heroes.

2. Skirmish Mode: Two players in pitched competition against each other’s rival squad. Pit the Heroes of Lazlo against the Coalition Army, or a squad of heroes against heroes, or CS forces against CS forces to see which commander is the superior leader.

3. Head to Head Mode: Two players do away with the board and miniatures to compete in a vicious, face to face card game to see who comes out victorious. A fun, fast, abstract card game that is easy to grasp and takes only 15-20 minutes. Can be played almost anywhere.

Heroes, can you defeat the forces of the Coalition States?

Coalition patriots, can you stamp out all resistance in the ‘Burbs?

Play the Rifts® Board Game and find out!


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  • Mike James

    Makes me wonder how involved Palladium is. This has one of of those ‘fool me twice’ vibes to it. The June 2019 delivery date doesn’t inspire confidence either.

    Shame, nice looking figs.

  • CrisisSuitsOwn

    Anything connected to Palladium books is going to be highly controversial after the issues the Robotech RPG Tactics KS had. Fulfillment almost four years late with an entire second wave unshipped. Lots of sketchy decisions by the owner of Palladium books. Buyer beware…

    • Ghool

      If you have watched the gaming industry at all over the past 20 years or so, you’ll know that Palladium Books and fiasco are synonymous.

      I stayed away from the Robotech KS for a good reason – Palladium has a horrible reputation for completing projects, paying people, managing money, and a rather flippant attitude toward their customer base.

      Only in the gaming industry can such incompetence still manage to keep the business afloat. I honestly have no idea how anyone can support anything Palladium is involved in after walking off with over a million dollars of backer money. Let alone the number of money problems and fiascos that surround Kevin Siembeida and Co.

  • Rolachey

    It’s sad when the gaming community allows trolls to run amok and dictate what we play – and Palladium Books is ONLY the IP holder

    • Michael Hansen

      Nope. Kevin’s hand is puppetting Carmen, and it’s clear as day. I’m sorry if you haven’t looked into this, but he has only been involved in *one* project outside of PB, and Rogue Heroes is based one town over from PB. When Carmen attempted suicide (a subject I am very sensitive to), Kevin used it both as a publicity grab, and a tool to try to silence the backers at Robotech. Kevin has been touting this project more than Rogue Heroes has, and if that doesn’t stink to you I have some wharfside property you may be interested in.

      • Rolachey

        Sorry you have been so misinformed. Don’t believe everything you read from others on the message boards.

        • Michael Hansen

          I read Kevin’s comments myself. Hes is a monster, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He used a personal tragedy for publicity and to try to silence us.

          Sorry you’re unwilling to see it.

          • I talk with the man personally, Never has or would he do that. He cares about his friends and family, deeply. it was never about publicity, just awareness. You may need to go read up on things again. It’s nice how you throw the word “us” about. The only problems are from the the misinformed and the trolls. Misinformed are just that, because they do not take the time to learn and get the correct information about things. If you include yourself in that number maybe your part of the problem, not the solution. Sorry, end of conversation.

          • Ghool

            The only information that needs to be looked at to see what kind of a man Mr. Siembeida is:

            Has the Robotech KS fulfilled yet? Any idea when it will? How about that $1.5 million Palladium has used for everything but producing backer rewards?
            Does he actually care about his supporters and paying customers? Based on how long it’s been, and how much money they squandered, I’d say no. Evidence or not, has the first project fulfilled? Has it even completed production 4 years after the fact?

            What about all the thousands of people that have spent hundreds of dollars on Palladium’s last KS – which they weren’t supposed to be fully involved in either?

            Sorry, but I can’t have pity on anyone that has dug a 10 foot pit for themselves to lay in, and then expect everyone to feel sorry for them because they can’t get out.

          • THIS IS NOT PALLADIUM’S KS!!!!!!

          • Ghool

            But they are involved? Are they not?
            You honestly think Kevin Siembeida would not be involved with this?
            With Palladium’s most valuable intellectual property?

            Explain how, if this truly is not a Palladium KS, how is it that they are selling Palladium merch and books if Palladium is not involved?

            Does this guy have a big store of Palladium books that he needs to unload? How is he going to fulfill all those requests for Rifts books and merch if Palladium isn’t involved?

            Sorry to say, but anything on KS that has a Palladium TM, stamp, or branding, is going to get vilified, regardless of whether or not Palladium is actually running it. Brand damage can do a lot to mess with your entire market, even if all you did was sell the rights, or offer a licensing agreement.

            So, if Palladium is involved or not, this KS will live or die based on that reputation alone. So, it doesn’t matter if Palladium is running it or not – public perception is that they are. Whether that is true or not? No one really cares – it’s the brand image and damage that speaks now.

            One last thing: the shipping prices and regions is a copy and paste from all CMoN campaigns….

          • Ghool

            Oh, actually, taking a good look, the shipping section of this KS is the EXACT image lifted from all the CMoN KS’s with slightly different wording.

            If that isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.

          • VanosOfManos

            Man, even if this wasn’t one of Palladium / Siembieda’s Kickstarters, I STILL wouldn’t back it. Just like I didn’t back the RIFTS RPG by Pinnacle: a company a well and truly love. Even if it ain’t Kevin’s KS, Palladium will STILL get money from them in licensing fees and I’ll be damned if I give that fucker another dime of my money. Not after Robotech Tactics. That ratshit company got enough of my money without delivering more than half of the rewards promised.

            The fact that people STILL give that company money after the pure and utter con-job they pulled with that Kickstarter is unbelievable to me. I knew people were naive, but goddamn never did I think they were that stupid.

            I’m with Davos up there: I hope that bubble explodes soon so that companies can try acting like responsible businesses again.

          • Ghool

            Yes, I thought the days of pretty renders and a nice box design selling a game were long over.

            Guess not.

          • Matt

            I find how everyone dumps all over Palladium interesting. Have they messed up terribly the Robotech KS? Yes! However there were two companies involved in that fiasco and the other, Ninja Division whose job it was to help Palladium get the miniatures made, to find a good company to make them and they failed on every aspect. They also did Relic Knights where my whatever, speed faction came without face sculpts because again their choice in company for making the miniatures was terrible.

            They had to redo Relic Knights in resin because their plastic choices were so terrible for everything that wasn’t the Noh army. Many packs still sit in the discount bins of my local game stores because no one wants such terrible miniatures.

            Whenever there is an article or post that even tangentially relates to Palladium a ton of hate comes out. Okay, they earned a lot of that over the years and especially with RRT. Yet whenever Ninja Division gets mentioned people put on blinders and ignore all the damage they have done. Ninja Division was paid by Palladium to help them get their miniatures made, so that Wave 1 came in dozens of tiny, tiny pieces and Wave 2 is yet to and probably never to be seen has a lot to do with Ninja Division giving terrible advice, choosing a not very good plastic company in China and not taking the project seriously but just as a cash injection for their own projects.

          • Ghool

            Which is why I don’t back or buy anything from ND either. They have a poor track record as far as I’m concerned.
            If it makes you feel better, I don’t support them either.

            Like Davros has mentioned above – let’s see a return to businesses acting like businesses instead of the lame friend you had in Jr. High that never returned anything you lent them. 😛

          • VanosOfManos

            Same! I didn’t get in on the Relic Knights KS, but picked it up at retail only to find the game was broken and had a FAQ/errata nearly as long as the rules themselves (or so it seemed!) which is an instant problem for me that I cannot excuse. Add to that the weird tailing off of retail support with the dawning realization that they were going to try a re-do Kickstarter to fix the problems of the first (double dipping at it’s finest) and Ninja Division ended up squarely on my KS shit-list. They sit there in good company: there’s more KS companies I’ll never do business with than there are ones I will by a full country mile at this point.

  • Davos Seaworth

    Wow, the guy handling the comments literally said this to someone asking a question yesterday:

    @steve a you’ve only bid $1. If you choose to support our kickstarter I’d be happy to answer your questions.

    So KS is such a shitshow now that the publishers don’t even want to talk to you unless you give them an appropriately high level of $$$. Sometimes I wish that the whole boardgaming trend would crash and die so we can all get back to being sincere again, instead of shady people pandering for free $$$ on crowdfunding platforms & expecting legions of cheerleader drones & stooges to mindlessly carry their water for them. Kickstarter gets more disgusting by the day.

    • Ghool

      You’re never going to rid the world of gullible folks that want to throw their money at any miniatures they see.

      If anyone doesn’t care to do any research into these guys and how bad they are at managing money, you wouldn’t even care to toss in $1. Not even to load their comments section with complaints.

    • hvedhrungr

      You’ve got a very valid point there.


    The Kickstarter page says that it’s cancelled. Does anyone know what happened?

    • Ghool

      Too many questions and being unable to answer them.
      I asked for a rulebook many times, and the only answer was we wouldn’t see it until AFTER the campaign finished….which makes it impossible for anyone to see if there was an actual game here, or if it was simply the Rifts RPG on a 1 inch square board. Which seems likely, as the RPG Tactics was the same, sans the board.

      They decided to cancel after realizing they weren’t even close to ready after being assailed with questions they had no answers for.