Rocks Fall Games has re-launched their Adventures in Awesfur series

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Mar 1st, 2013
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Rocks Fall Games retooled their Adventures in Awesfur series of Pathfinder supplements and are bringing them back to you.

From the re-release:

Rocks Fall Games has re-launched their Adventures in Awesfur series for Pathfinder. Given the lackluster reviews and less-than-stellar community impact, Rocks Fall Games has dedicated themselves to remaking their product line in a fashion that directly answers the issues with their previous releases. Starting with The Dark Totem pt. 1 – The Chantry Keep, the new Adventures in Awesfur series has been completely remade to reflect the higher quality that the role-playing community deserves. Whereas the previous Dark Totem 1 was a slim PDF featuring a dungeon-crawl and not much else, the new Dark Totem 1 (even with a new title) replaces the old with the following features (from the authors’ product description):

This adventure is intended for four or five third-level characters. Also includes printer-friendly PDF with no parchment background!

Also includes:

-Setting information on the world of Awesfur and the Wyldelands!

-Varatolo, the city of Wizards!

-The Blind Basilisk Bar with complete menu, list of services and NPCs to run it!

-Read about the opposed Deities, Galayne and Obirag!

-The Chantry Keep, a fully realized adventure location dripping with history!

– 2 original NPC opponents: Caleb Sutter, the mad ghoul and Seletok, hobgoblin cleric to Obirag!

– A brand new haunt: The Forsaken Forge!

-Full color maps, including full-sized combat maps! Easy as print and play!

A boy is missing. A desecrated temple outside of town was the last place anyone wanted to look. Now, the boy’s father and the people of Varatolo have managed to hire an adventuring party to search for the boy. Dark and forbidding, the ancient temple has fallen to ruin. Do you have the courage to scour through the darkness, deep into the past of the Wyldelands? Can you return with the boy safely, or will you succumb to what evil lurks within?

Adventures in Awesfur are a series of adventure modules compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and published under the Open Gaming License. The Dark Totem pt. 1: The Chantry Keep is intended as an introduction to the setting and the beginning to an ongoing campaign. You may also use this adventure in your own favorite setting and campaign to add an air of dark fantasy or hints of a better past.

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  • Soulfinger

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the blurb there. If I understand correctly, it boils down to, “This product totally sucked the first time, so we made it longer in an attempt to make it less awful.” I’d start with a campaign world that doesn’t sound like an anagram for “awful” or the name of some horrific furry convention. Awesfur?

    Also, the desecrated temple “was the last place anyone wanted to look” — seriously? Unless this town hosts the headquarters for the Pedophiles Guild then I’m pretty sure “desecrated temple” would be the first place that the people of Scootaloo would want to search for a lost boy. As an adventurer, the first thing that I’d do would be to kick the crap out of that kid’s father for not getting killed by whatever evil lurks there in a vain search for his son instead of him hanging around, waiting with a bag of gold for the convenient group of adventurers to happen along. IT’S A CITY OF WIZARDS! How is that temple too tough for them to tackle themselves? Then again, maybe they expended all of their material components investigating the “forsaken forge,” which would be my second place to look.

    Lastly, “OH NO! It’s a mad ghoul! We’ve only fought sane ones in the past! This one has borderline personality disorder and bulimia! Quick, woman with artificially large breasts from the cover art, attack him with your glaive while the judgmental elf sneers at whatever that guy in the middle is!”