Rocket Games taking pre-orders for Last Saga

Rocket Games has started taking pre-orders for their Last Saga sci-fi minis game. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, here’s your chance to still get the minis at a discounted price.

Last Saga


From the announcement:

If you missed the Kickstarter project for Last Saga, you can join now!

The discounts shown during the Kickstarter still apply, so you have the opportunity of getting some of the “Last Saga” miniatures at reduced price!

Just to go the next link and follow the instructions!

1: Enter your country and mail on the menu and click on the “Preorder Now” button.

2: You will enter the shop, where you can ad the different items to your cart.

3: After you have added the desired items, you will be asked for a Credit Card; it would not be charged until the end of the Backerkit period which we will announce weeks before it ends.

4: Finally, you will be asked for a shipping address, and before closing the order you can check that everything is ok. Further additions or corrections to your order can be made, again until the Backerkit deadline that we will announce properly.

5: The shipping costs will be added later as addons, when we can estimate for each order its weight, therefore the shipping cost. An early estimation per weight can be seen on the Kickstarter project, not being the cost higher than 6,8 £ on any case.

Remember that if you have any doubts, you can ask us via social media or at: