Robotech RPG Tactics Model Previews

Ninja Division is showing off some preliminary shots of their Robotech RPG Tactics models.



From the preview:

Ninja John has posted up some Assembled Miniatures for Robotech RPG Tactics, fresh off the sprue. For the rest of the pictures, check out the Ninja Division Facebook Page.

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    phew i’m glad i didn’t backed this.Regults are okayish though

    • Kolonel K

      I did 🙁 Still, with any luck I’ll get it before I die. Anyone know if you can do a chargeback on your credit card based on a kickstarter that won’t meet any of its promises?

      • wormwoode

        I saw someone on Dakka talking about convincing their bank to charge it back based on Palladium’s failure to deliver the promised product.

        I worked in banking for a long time, and dealt with a lot of weirdness. I can’t imagine that many banks will want to deal with the linguistic/legal loopholes Kickstarter has cleverly built into its policies. May see a few banks willing to write it off or cancel the charge (which is often a notorious hassle), at first. But I think that as banks get involved with more Kickstarter disputes, it’s most likely going to get lumped into the “buyer beware” category, with many financial institutions.

        Once dealt with a lady who wanted to cancel/chargeback payments made to a casino. It was an office joke for months. I’d imagine failed/fouled kickstarters are pretty fertile soil for running gags in the back-office banking world lately.

        • Soulfinger

          Yeah, there is still a running joke at my bank from when I opened an account and slipped on some of the cat poop in the lobby, and that was eight months ago. I’d hate to think what they’d say about me if I tried to pull a KS charge back.

  • For someone that didn’t follow this – could you guys enlighten me on what’s wrong with the models? I opted not to back as I wasn’t interested in a game. I know it’s late, but other than that how has it failed?

    • Grindar

      I don’t get it either, to me they look good. Can’t wait to see some Valkyries!

    • Grim6

      Click on the source link and then take a look at the sprues. I am backer, and I look forward to playing the game, and looking forward to painting the models, but the assembly looks like it will be not fun.

  • wormwoode

    The models (most notably the RDF stuff) wound up with an amount of parts that have scared the hell out of a lot of backers. The minis are 1/285 (Battletech size), and some of them have more than 20 pieces, apparently. There are also some models where the parts were laid out in such a way as to result in splits right down the middle of some prominent features- like heads, hatches, legs and canopies.

    Experienced modelers are more accustomed to the modern industry standards, where the inherent seams are taken into consideration during a minis design and are ” hidden”, or at least run across surfaces that are easily filled and filed. There seem to be a lot of backers with little-to-no experience with the hobby, at all, as well. There have been folks in both camps who seem unhappy about the way the minis have turned out. They’ve been compared to tiny model kits, as opposed to the advertised “game pieces” ( a term used in the KS description that had some folks concerned that there actually wouldn’t be enough parts/detail).

    Palladium have no experience with miniatures and their customer service/PR is really pretty awful. Their poor (and often misleading) communications regarding the project lead to peoples concerns about any aspect of the KS snowballing into a straight-up backlash.

    ND is now showing off some of the Zent models, and they look fine, so far. There will likely be more stink about the RDF stuff, when they are revealed, as the minis were apparently already in the mold tooling phase by the time the backers got to voice any concerns with them.