Robotech posts up new minis

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 25th, 2012

Robotech has a couple new painted figures up on their Facebook page. Have a look.

From the update:

Squeal!!! Maz just finished this one up. Looks so awsome.

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  • BoosterX

    Wow very nice. Now I’ll have to find their page that isn’t on Facebook.

  • Tamwulf

    This is awesome! Let’s see some more! When can I buy them?

  • WilhelmRochRedDuke

    Look for Robotech Miniatures on Facebook and check out for info on the game in development

  • Man, I hope these are available at Gen Con. Love it!

  • Marauder

    I think I’ll keep my eye on this one. What scale and size of those minis?


  • Demonetrigan

    1/285 according to the facebook page. The album on facebook has the renders of some invid and Alpha veritechs on it as well.

    Oddly the Pods seem a little small as I recall a veritech was about the size of a Zentradi out of the Pod and these look a little too small for that, the prototypes on facebook looked like they were going to be bigger?

    • metalsifter

      The sizes changed many times. I have a few size charts from various Macross art books and magazines and they are all slightly different.

      On two the Destroid comes up to the middle of the Pods’ “hips” but on another they come up just underneath the “eye”.

      I have another size chart of just the Zentraedi from the various Macross series and they all vary considerably. On that one Milia only comes up to the middle of Quamzin’s chest; but if you compare him to Klan she’s almost 2 heads taller than him.

    • The models are the same size as the unpainted versions that were posted. The camera angle does make the pod look slightly smaller in the painetd pic. When placed side by side the top of the Tomahawk’s head is at the top of the pod’s hips. The hump section behind the head is just slightly under the bottom part of the pod’s eye housing.

      Robotech’s scale is a bit wonky from episode to episode so I went with what looked right based on the average depictions.

  • Tommygun

    Are they standing on 25mm bases?

    • The models are mounted on 40mm bases, the ones I used are made by proxie miniatures. Fighters and Zentraedi power armor will be on 60mm bases.

  • aroberts

    I wish Palladium would go ahead and just make this and take my money.

    • haywire

      Its not Palladium you have to worry about in this case. Its Harmony Gold and Studio Nue. As much as I want this to happen, I understand that the Robotech License is not an easy thing to get and is a huge legal mess.

  • As mentioned earlier scale in the Robotech cartoon is a bit free floating. The Zentraedi are usually shown the same size as the veritechs and destroids but there’s no way they’d fit inside the pods.

    In severalof the artbooks and animation diagrams the Zentraedi are shown to be about 2/3rd the height of a veritech, yet we have episodes where they are equal size when fighting in hand to hand combat or the episode where Max disguises his veritech in a zentraedi uniform.

    I went with the pods having their hip height about at eye level of the earth mecha as that seems to be the most used scale in the series. I wasn’t aiming for measurements based on rpg stats, but rather on the show itself which means there is some “anime magic” invovled with how the Zentraedi fit into those pods. It’s one of the things that doesn’t amke sense but is central to making Robotech what it is.

    The miniature size is aproximately 1/285th, they are a bit larger than the old battletech sculpts of the same design (about 20% bigger). In Robotech the veritech are taller than the destroids so they will much larger than the battletech counterparts. (wasp & stinger)

  • Here’s one of the size charts which was my primary reference, the zentraedi soldier is much smaller than they appear in most episodes. The mechs are fairly consistant with how the animation typically shows them. But individual episodes can vary heavily.

    Animation Scale Chart