Robotech Battles in talks with Palladium Games about new minis game

Robotech Battles is in talks with Palladium Games to produce new minis game.
See more pictures on their Facebook Page.

From the copy:

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. Both Jon and I believe a solid Robotech Miniatures game is long over due and would get a lot of notice if we can get the word out. We’ve always wanted to see Robotech on the Tabletop and we hope you have also. All we are asking is that you take a minute and show your support for getting A Robotech Tabletop Miniatures game and a line of amazing miniatures produced; Let Kevin at Palladium know that your interested in seeing this happen. So please make sure to go on their forums and on facebook and leave them a comment saying: yes I want a game and those minis!

  • John Maddening


  • OMG !!
    Yes, absolutely !!!!

    Get in touch with me should you need a sculptor !

  • redbranch

    I would have a very hard time resisting this game, if it’s done right.

  • KelRiever

    Okay, cool minis. But I’m sorry, I saw the old Robotech Paladium rules. I don’t normally all caps, but this demands it


    And that’s in 30 years of gaming. I will readily admit my seriously old age just to make that statement.

    Please, go for it and make money. But have someone else do the actual rules.

    • fattdex

      Before you get carried away, they are not using the palldium books material, he is doing his own.

      You can find his playtest rules here, I don’t think this is what you were talking about?

      • robotech_miniatures

        Those rules are just ones I’m using for fun (and are an adaptation of the MSIA game) , the rules that were submitted to Palladium are available up on Tom’s page;

        • I really like these rules. They are like a streamlined version of the old Mecha! ruleset that I made my Gundam wargame out of. If I had the time, I could doing a conversion of those old rules to this gaming system.

    • lordofexcess

      I agree with Kel … and I agree with the excitement about just the possibility of a game. The minis look cool, the idea is awesome. For the love of all that is holy please go with someone else … Palladium … I guess if your market is about 1000 nerdly odd mini game system grognards … erm … go for it (not that there is anything wrong with that). But if you want more players and a popular game that might get some attention and actually make a little money why not go with a more modern publisher. Even a non-mini game publisher … not that Palladium really has any success or much experience with mini game systems … they are the company of RIFTS and antiquated RPGs that few people play anymore.

      • Robert

        You are missing the issue: the license has to come through Palladium.

        NOT THE RULES.

        (Thank the omnissiah)

    • robotech_miniatures

      The miniatures system would not use their rpg system, mor ethan likely it will be a completely new rules set. It’s really early and there’s going to be a ton of discussion on the rules.

  • kalamadea

    I don’t care if the game is abysmally bad, I have wanted a robotech miniatures game for YEARS! And those prototypes look absolutely amazing! We’ve had the battletech figs since the ’80s, but I’m REALLY excited that there might be actual Zentraedi on the horizon!

    If they’re going through Palladium, I wonder how much of the system will be based on the RPG or if it will just be a port of their current fan-created system for the toys. Also, I wonder how much of the work would be done by palladium. Used ot play their games quite a bit in the ’90s and they were a lot of fun, and the books are deffinitely cheap (the good kind of cheap), but they just don’t have the visual flair that most miniature rulebooks have gone to. Just compare the rulebook for Warmachine or Infinity or Malifaux to any of the Rifts or Robotech RPG books.

  • Zombie_Taco

    OH YES!! I need a smoke….

    I about had an accident in my pants I am so excited!!!

    but I agree with everyone here that Palladuim should not do the rules – they would be clunky, slow and have ZERO of the feel of the cartoons.

    if the rules blow, I will find or write my own!!!

  • Yeah, yeah.. Robotech blah blah blah.. You guys are missing the obvious here.

    Now we’ll be able to play Battletech with our old Warhammer, Marauder, and Battlemaster sculpts (amongst others) back again!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eh.. I suppose I Robotech game would be cool too.

    • robotech_miniatures

      Ding! Ding!

      The minis would be intended for several uses, collectors, rpg players, hobbyist and people wanting to use them for minis games regardless of what the game system might be. Ideally we’re looking to hammer out a good rules set specific to the Robotech setting, but that wouldn’t exclude people from using them for whatever else they feel like.

      • I completely agree and was mostly just making a joke (though I do totally miss my old sculpts!). I wish you guys the best of luck and hope you can pull it off!

        I never watched Robotech as a kid since none of our channels carried it, but I still know enough about it to be interested in it as a game. And lets face it, whether Battletech or Robotech, those mech designs as still some of the coolest looking giant robots out there.

        • I would definitely be using these for Battletech as well. Hopefully they’d be in the same scale.

  • parrot1500

    MIND. BLOWN. With joy, not, you know, sadness. HURRY, PALADIUM. 15mm please!

  • Kolonel K

    Definitely keen on something in the 6mm/1:285 region, to take advantage of a whole truckload of infantry and vehicles I already have in this scale.

    • kalamadea

      some napkin math on the excalibur/tomohawk puts it at 1/242, The model is 50mm tall (foot to missile pod) and the official stats say 12.1m height. Comparing my own plastic battletech Warhammer to a AA battery, it is almost EXACTLY the same height as the prototype, although the prototype is a much closer proportionwise to the original material, it’s a bit stockier with a wider torso than the Warhammer.

      But basically what I’m saying is: they match up perfectly to battletech figs/scale

      • robotech_miniatures

        Pretty much, the models are aproximately 1/285. My main concern was having the models in proper scale with each other as opposed to true exact scale. There’s so many differing sizes listed in the animation guides that it’s near impossible to get an exact scale. Plus the sizes in the animation vary from episode to episode.

        Compared to the old CBT scale model these are slightly larger although still very close in scale. Scale Reference Pic

  • Hunter

    The greater issue is that the original designs are derived from several different Japanese anime series. HG only has exclusive rights to the Robotech designs from non-translated workss, so things like stuff from the Shadow Chronicles or the Robotech II Sentinels material. The complex issue of rights is what keeps some of those series from getting a US release and why the Macross inspired Battletech designs were pulled.
    I think it would be cool to get some Robotech figs and I wish them luck navigating the murky waters of copyright involved with this particular property.

    • This will not be an issue, since unlike FASA, this company is already working with the US copyright holders. Nothing murky here, thank goodness!

      • Henshini

        That’s what the last company that tried to release the unseen mechs thought they were doing too…

        • Are you talking about Wizkids, or Catalyst Games? In either case, they followed in the same footsteps as FASA and tried to go with the Japanese sources. Which is kind of weird since they are both run by FASA alumni. They should have known better. The international rights to those images and designs run through HG (and to a lesser extend Palladium). Trying to get them from anyone else will get you shut down. Since the guys here appear to be working with Palladium and HG, they shouldn’t have any problems in that regards.

  • scottjm

    Here, I’ll just give you my wallet now. Please let this work out!

  • Twisted Victor

    Please release these at the same scale as Battletech and I will buy a ton!

  • Necros

    Yay! Go Tom!

  • WilhelmRochRedDuke

    Thanks everyone, Don’t forget to let Palladium know your interested..
    -Tom – Robotech Battles

  • If these get made, I will buy them. If the rules are good, I will fill my storage space with destroids, veritechs, and battle pods.

    However, my take on Siembieda is that like Sauron, he does not share power (not well, anyway). Imo, ymmv, grains of salt, etc.

    Does Palladium know you’re sending people over to their site to ask for this?

    • Found the answer, yes Palladium wants to hear about interest. Apologies, but I felt the initial post did not make that clear. Good luck getting off the ground on this, my wallet is standing by.

  • Phaedros

    I’m currently working on cleaning up their ruleset with a few additions of my own, hopefully they’ll like what I do. ^_^


    • Phaedros

      Btw, never got a response on the Facebook page, but where can I send my submission to you Tom?

      • WilhelmRochRedDuke

        Got the email and I replied back.. Thanks for the look at the rules.. keep it up. .. To Everyone else.. PLAY TESTERS WANTED!!

  • metalsifter

    I would love to see this come to fruition but I think it will be much harder than they think to get a license, otherwise it would have been done a long time ago with the Battletech “unseen” mechs.

    Getting a license for these isn’t just about going through Harmony Gold or Palladium. You also have to go to the original IP holders, Studio Nue.

    I had an opportunity to speak with Shoji Kawamori a few years ago about why more Macross series don’t reach the USA and he specifically cited the legal issues with HG.

    The short version is, apparently HG feels they “own” everything that was in Robotech (as thought they invented everything about it) and can do whatever they want, which just isn’t the case.

    I really want this to get made, but I think they might have an easier time to make it a Macross game and get Studio Nue involved.

    Just look at how much Robotech IP has been released VS how much Macross IP. There is far more Macross material out there than Robotech.

    Macross is a much stronger IP and has a larger worldwide following than Robotech.

    • That must have been before the more recent court rulings. As I understand them Studio Nue and Big West has the rights to the original Macross only inside of Japanese territory, while HG has all of the international rights. SN and BW has the international rights to any Macross derivatives, provided that they don’t share any designs or characters with the original series. If any designs or characters come from the original series, the new one then falls under HG’s control. That’s why for newer shows like Macross Frontier, UN Spacy is now NUNS; they try not to call the ships Macross, they give them a longer name; and if a Macross does show up, it is based on the DYRL ship, and not the original.
      So while it is convoluted, it pretty much comes down to: US/International Rights to original Macross: HG. Japanese Rights: SN/BW. Southern Cross and Mospeada designs are owned entirely by HG.

      • metalsifter

        I know HG thinks and asserts they have rights to Macross outside of Japan, but that’s just what they are asserting. The legal battle there has stalled, it’s not finished yet.

        SN and BW created Macross so they “own” the designs, it’s just that licensing outside of Japan is done (for now) by HG under the name Robotech.

        BW and SN are trying to regain control of their property from HG, but HG sees it as being “theirs” since they edited and spliced 3 shows together. So they feel they have created a unique property, which they haven’t.

        As for ships being called “Macross”, most all of the larger ones have Macross in their names. Macross Quarter, Macross Frontier, Macross 7 etc. Although some of the newer ships do use their “class” as a name as well like Battle Frontier and Battle Galaxy.

        The reason the newer shows haven’t been shown outside of Japan to any great degree is because HG doesn’t want anything competing with Robotech and they drag out a legal battle whenever a new series is made to prevent any other series from being released. I’m not sure what happened to allow Macross Plus to be released in the USA though (I’d have to look that up).

        • Macross Plus and Macross II were special cases. 1) HG’s Robotech division was effectively asleep at the wheel and wasn’t paying much attention to anything after the Sentinel’s animation crash and burned. I remember hearing that HG had maybe 2 people working it at that time. 2) Because they were asleep, HG didn’t realize at the time that the license they had purchased back in the 80’s covered all follow-up properties outside of Japan. However, once they realized the situation, they slammed ADV and the other video company into redoing their video license with them. That’s why other than the VHS and DVD videos, no other US merchandise has come out for those two properties that don’t have HG’s name on it somewhere. Ironically, you can thank FASA for waking up HG as to what their license actually entitled them to. If FASA hadn’t sued Playmates over the Madcat and Exo-Squad designs, HG would have stuck with making land deals and just let Robotech expire.

          • metalsifter

            And that’s part of the wedge that BW and Sn are using to try and regain control of their property.

            HG are squatters, I’ve even heard lawyers talk about them in that respect. They had the license for ages and have done nothing with it.

            Part of the agreement with HG was that they can license items off the Robotech series, but cannot create “new” material using the original “macross” terminology or mecha etc.

            Which is why Robotech Sentinels and Robotech Shadow Chronicles had nothing from the Macross series in it, none of the mechs at all. The only names they used were the “Americanized” names of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes etc.

            That’s another part of the wedge, if HG has the rights they claim they do, why didn’t they use those right s to include Macross material in those sequels and additional properties?

            “Because they forgot, or didn’t realize they could” is not a legitimate answer or legal defense.

            It shows that HG knew of a limitation in their license and were following it, now they claim that imitation either was never there or was misinterpreted.

            Either way , they have acknowledged that there are limitations to their so called “ownership” of Macross properties and that those rights remain with BW/SN.

            The only reason they are fighting so hard now, after years of doing nothing with the property, is the interest in wargames might reignite interest in a new series; which HG does NOT at all have the rights to do especially if they try to use Macross properties in any new show. That combines with the renewed efforts by BW/SN to try and regain their property from what are essentially squatters.

            HG had a license, for years they have done nothing with it, SN?BW want it back since Macross and everything else it contains is their property. They created it and HG is trying to steal it out from under them.

          • In essence, everything you said is right. My clarification is that HG own the distribution rights, not the creation rights. If they really wanted to, and didn’t mind pissing everybody off, they could technically repackage every Macross series since the original with new names and dialogue, and call it Robotech. They have the rights to do that, and in essence, that is what their rights enable them to do and there is nothing BW/SN can do about that. Could you imagine the $#!tstorm that would open up or both sides of the Pacific if they did that? The company may be lazy, but they aren’t that stupid.

            Now the flip side is, they own the rights, creation and distribution, to Southern Cross and Mospeada lock, stock, and ink pen. They can take those characters and mecha, as is, and do anything they want with them. They can put them in new situations, modify them, whatever they want. And that is exactly what they are doing.

            I just wish they were better at writing contracts. This deal with the live action movie was just dumb. I could see waiting a bit on the second movie, but they should be doing more on the comic book front. At the very least, they could show us what happened in their new version of The Sentinels.

          • metalsifter

            Hg does not, in any way, have rights to any of the other Macross properties such as Macross Zero, Frontier, 7 etc.

            I specifically asked Shoji Kawamori about that when I met him. The HG license only pertains to the SDF Macross and it’s use in Robotech saga and related merchandising.

            That’s one of the issues surrounding the live-action movie, HG doesn’t have the right to make one according tho their license, but since they feel that they “own” Robotech and it is now a separate entity to Macross HG thinks they can do whatever they want.

            Just because HG says or thinks they have the rights to do something doesn’t mean they do. On the other side, just because the Japanese studios involved are not a litigious as HG doesn’t mean they aren’t planning or preparing a legal battle.

  • Darkeldar

    Sort of a been there-done that thing with me. A friend had literally got a boatload of 1/200th scale Macross kits back in ’85 and we had run quite a few floor space games at CapCon and Marcon over the few years. We were working on a hex-based boardgame based on the Macross universe by adapting on our rules. We may have even had a C&D from Harmony Gold, but we pretty much ignored it as we didn’t use their terminology unless it was the same as the box wording that the models came in. Friend passed away in ’88 and I later sold the models off.

  • Zenzox

    Kevin Siembieda will screw it up some how. Pray he doesn’t get involved with the rules set.

  • You know, if you guys want this to happen, then perhaps you shouldn’t be badmouthing Kevin Siembieda. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s still president of Palladium Books and whether you like the rules he’s written or not, he’s the person likely to be able to give the green light to this.

  • Oh my God. I would buy this. I would buy all of this.

  • robotech_miniatures

    I’ve placed links to a set of rules I’ve been using for fun on the page as well as printable mechs.